Crane 2031 Or Tfs Stage 1?

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  1. I have a 5.0 Cobra and I know the 2031 was designed as a direct replacment for the stocker so I wouldnt have to swap anyting out other than the cam itself. I had previously been looking at the entire trickflow top end kit but decided it would be more cost(and power:D) effiecent to go with a Vortech kit but I still really like the sound of the cam it comes with. How would either of these do under boost and which would be better naturally aspirated?
  2. The Tfs stage 1 Cam works very well with the Si Trim :) I would personally bolt the blower on and rock it for a good while. It is a considerable bang for your buck and there is no saying you can't change the h/c/i later on. Not to mention if you bolt the kit on and the car is otherwise stock you have no worries about tune or driveablity. You can also do this on a Saturday and be out cruising the town the same night!
  3. It's just got bolt-ons so far. Would that affect needing to get it tuned? I wouldn't need to get bigger injectors or MAF?
  4. What year is your Cobra?

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  5. IMO either get a blower cam or leave the stocker in.
  6. Personally I'd wait till you want to do something with the heads, the stock cobra cam actually works well with blower. I think the gains from a cam swap at this time will be minimal.

    $370 for Crane 2031
    $120 for pushrods
    $65 in gaskets and fluids
    $27 water pump

    Just not worth it IMO...

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  7. That's why I was looking at a top end kit in the first place. Comes with the pushrods and the gaskets among other things.
  8. Here we go again............
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