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  1. how come other forums can talk about street racin and post pics of mostly naked ladies and talk about totally off the wall things not realated to cars but we cant? Is it because the "wheels" at stangnet consider us the children of the community and therfore can not talk about adult matters or do these rules just come down form our overprotective moderators? :mad:

    we need OJ's atouney's up in here to get our rights back

    seriously tho maybe the v6 forums wouldn't be so dead if we were allowed to have a little more fun...

    -this post is not ment to offend any one, if you take it as such i can not be held accountable. You accept this disclaimer by reading the above post.
  2. LOL thats like saying "you agree to be over the age of 18 by looking at the above pornographic pictures."
  3. I'm over 18, I wanna see pictures.
  4. I don't know.

    I mean if you're looking for pornographic pictures, I'm sure there's like a gagillion websites on the net. I don't see why you'd come to a Mustang website looking for that. Besides, everytime I see pics of someone's g/f on here, they're not exactly that great. I mean, I guess it's cool for the guy if they're awesome and have a great personality. But I don't think many members here are exactly dating Victoria Secret models. All we need are more pics of Bubba's second cousin, sitting on the hood of his '87 GT. :rolleyes:
    As for the street racing stuff. Yea, that rule is a little odd. We've all done it, once or twice. But it's not a hard rule to follow, and I don't see how it's killing the forum. Besides...listening to other people's kills aren't that fun anyway.
  5. Let me in on a few things.

    First most of the stuff is the bosses decision and since he pays the bills well we follow his rules. He has a business and he has a reputation to uphold also.

    This is a Mustang Site, not a porno board. Street racing, well since I am a Firefighter/Paramedic and see the useless dying of children out with their cars, import nad domestic, I have taken a hard stance on this issue.

    I will not sit here and say I have never done it, I was once young also. I have gotten some years under my belt and some maturity and all that is gone now.

    It is just easier to take it to the track where the conditions are safe, the road is prepped for a good run and where everyone can come home safely.

  6. I agree. Although it can be fun to race from red light to red light in a straight-road city environment. It is extremely reckless and you're endangering the lives of innocent others by racing on a regular road in the passing lane. Countless people have died here because of that crap. :notnice:
  7. Only thing i gotta say about street racing is this. If you're doing it on the street and you pass any car other then the one your racing, you're an idiot for doing it. In these remote locations where no other cars are, thats ok. only difference between that and a track is there are no safety personal and the road conditions are a bit worse. But i have no problems with street racing under "safe" conditions.
  8. If you want that BS.. then go to mustangworld. And don't come back here.
  9. You never know when a car is going to pop out from somewhere. It is never under safe conditions.
  10. i'm not talkin about looking at porno on stangnet it was just another thing other forums can do that we can't...

    linz you don't hafta goto mustangworld for that just check out any other forum besides the v6 on stangnet...

    so i guess the answer to my question is cus every body on here is uptight... well i guess i'll just hafta accept it for now... happy forth err body
  11. :cheers:

    [QUOTE='66 coupe]But I don't think many members here are exactly dating Victoria Secret models. All we need are more pics of Bubba's second cousin, sitting on the hood of his '87 GT. :rolleyes:[/QUOTE]
    :rlaugh: :lol: :rlaugh: :lol: :rlaugh: :lol: :rlaugh: :lol: :rlaugh: :lol: :rlaugh: :lol:
    thats great. lol. i see that too much in town, just driving around the woods in my old bronco. lol.
  12. I saw this pic in one of the forum rooms on here. Its really nice. :nice:
    We can have pictures like this right??? :D

  13. :stupid: .. :D Also, track racing isn't completely safe anyway. For instance, you could have a blow out and, rather than lose control on a country road and go sliding through the grass, you collide solidly with a concrete barrier with no give....which accident would you like to take your chances with? I personally don't go to the track b/c everyone there likes to throw their time slips in your face and say, "Beat that!" like they have the fastest car to ever grace the strip. :rolleyes:
  14. Yes, that picture is acceptable. What we dont and will not allow are pictures that are not Work Friendly and showing frontal or rear nudity. That is not tolerated. But the MV girl is hot! I will say that.

    Second, you have several other choices on forums. Linz help the poor dude out, I think that he has been corrupted by some "Honda" Dude over at MW!
  15. :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :p
  16. ohh shat i've been currepted help me before i put altezzas on my car and 4 fart cans!
  17. We all know how the court works these days. If you have a good lawyer, you can probably blame anything you do on anybody else.
    Lets say I decide to street race, and a van with a mom and her kid is driving around somewhere. Well I hit it, and i kill the kid, or the mom, or both.
    Ok I got to jail, court and all that stuff, and me and my lawyer decide that I wasn't acting conciously, and the only reason i did it was because I come on this forum and read about street racing all the time. Then the court turns against stangnet and before we know it, bye bye to stangnet.
    You know that could happen. Cmon there's robbers out there suing the poeple they rob and winning for christ sake!!!
  18. :doh: :rolleyes: ohh noes your an idiot... and if a frog had wings he wouldn't bump his tail everytime he hopped...

    all the other forums can talk about it i guess it's just a mttaer of time before there'll be no more stangnet, but we;ll be able to sleep good at night knwoing we wernt the cause because we didn't talk about... dare i say, street racing

  19. Are you calling me an idiot?? I don't want to have to take the time out of my busy schedule (not lol) to kick your ass! :chair: :crazy:
  20. first off the Chewbaca defense will not work here!!!

    I like girls and picts, but pic threads ALWAYS get out of hand!!!

    SR is illegal, well I would not allow a post that said I robbed this 7-11 last night either

    this forum always seems to be slow to catch on, if you notice there is no v6 main forum, but instead it has 2 sub forums, that is because people kept posting talk in the main forum no matter how many times they were told to put it in the talk forum