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    anyone think a racecraft 9inch fab'd rear is a bit over kill for a stock 302??? really how sexy is this thing?!?!?
  2. Overkill? LOL I got 250lb-ft of torque! Yo!
  3. I'd hit it.
  4. At least you wouldnt have to worry about reliability
  5. I wouldn't consider it overkill as long as you have enough power to turn it over.
  6. D, you'd be looking at $3500 easy to do the entire rear....plus $400 in new control arms. I just priced out a 9" Strange set-up with a Team Z housing I can fill you in, atleast it looks like the Racecraft has the attachment points in the correct position.
  7. haha im not actually buying one... its justs exy as hell.

    eric from racecraft aka skinnyman just went 1.11 on a 275 last month with that rear in his car.
  8. Funny, I woke up this morning thinking about the same topic. I'm getting ready to start putting together an old '86 later this year, and the car already has an 8.8 with an auburn diff and a 3.27 gear... but I'm thinking it will be easier to just buy another Strange sheetmetal 9" like I have in my '89. Don't have to worry about c-clip eliminators, don't have to worry about setting up new guts with 33 or 35 spline axles, don't have to worry about installing new brakes... just call Strange and place an order.

    I think I'm going to do that. Sure a sheetmetal 9" is overkill for a car that I'm hoping will run low tens, but it IS the easy route.
  9. B cam, GT40s, and that rear = low 8 second quarter mile
  10. umm..you forgot stickers and Flowmasters
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  11. and 175 dry shot
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  12. Funny topic. I've been thinking about how my 91 should get a 9" as well.
  13. That is one nice looking rear end you have ;)
  14. stop looking at my ass! but thanks ive been hitting the stairmaster!
  15. Meh, needs more IRS.
  16. Screw an IRS I worked in the shop of the biggest 03/04 tuner in the country for about 4 years. If I never install another half shaft or set of its bushings I'll be a happy man
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  17. why doesn't your fox have IRS?
  18. I used to love IRS until a few of my friends bought corvettes and guilted me into working on them. Don't know if Cobras are as bad, but setting up rear spindle bearing thrust on a C3 Corvette is a pain in the third member. I will never, ever ever ever never buy one of those things!
  19. Who said it doesnt?
    A c3 IRS is old tech by the standard of IRS. Termi's got a bum wrap because they crammed an IRS into a car designed for a solid axle. C5's and C6's are deep into the 8's on IRS, stock IRS. Stock, yes they blow, but so does a stock 8.8
  20. The Cobra IRS's become a lot less susceptible to breaking when you get rid of all the rubber bushings that contribute to the wheel hop that tends to snap half shafts.