1. yup... and those bushings SUCK to drill out. and getting the IRS back in SUCKS!

    i'll NEVER own a 03/04 with an IRS
  2. I'm not talking about their technical level of performance, I'm talking about what an effing pain in the arse they are to work on and set up properly. If the C3's(and C4's) were a pain in the penile area, I can just Imagine how bad newer models are. As I said setting the rear wheel bearings up was unecessarily, ridiculously difficult... To the point where some dealerships refused to work on them. That's why my friends had me do it since I owned mics and indicators and knew about that type of stuff. They don't get simplier as time goes on...(you'll learn this when you get older Ms. Vanessa) ;)
  3. Are you seriously going to sit there and say that technology is bad and as time goes on things dont get easier to work on? You sound like the old dude who's done it all and anyone who disagrees with you must be wrong if you're younger. :rolleyes:
  4. Yes....because I know you don't know what I'm talking about... AND No, I just know you.
  5. :lol:
  6. Vanessa91

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  7. Watched top gear last night. Season 5 episode 1 they tested a c6. The entire time they made fun of them for being plastic fantastic (which I always do) and for having leaf springs in the rear. Was hilarious to hear Jeremy Clarkson liken it to a horse drawn carriage. Spot on British cohorts.
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  9. Luckily I bought my IRS with a full FTBR bushing kit installed already. I do agree about lifting it back in. I've only had to put the empty subframe back in, and that sucked. I'm not looking forward to lifting the entire assembly into place!
  10. it sucks im not going to sugar coat it....
  11. So anything that you personally had a difficult time with, regardless if anyone else did, makes it an utter pile of crap? Noted.

    Make sure you let cadillac, bmw, mercedes, ferrari, ford(yep all 2013 mustang will have IRS) lamborghini, etc etc know that the SRA is a far better choice in a car. Cause lord knows no one has ever broken a stock 8.8 at the track.
  12. thats the first ive heard that
  13. See, this proves your ignorance on the matter Mr.. er, Vanessa. I can tell that you really have no clue what I'm talking about otherwise you'd agree. You have to buy specialty tools or build them to press the wheel bearings in or out and set thrust with shims. It's nowhere near as easy as setting up preload on a pinion gear. There's no crush sleeve to just tighten up on and done. All of the bearings are interferance fit, and if you miss your thrust setting, you have to drag the stub axle back out through those effin bearings. There's no crush sleeve to just tighten up on and done. It could have been designed a lot better.

    Back in the 90's Not one Chevy dealership in two counties would touch them. I know you've always been a Corvette geek, but how would you know their flaws? YOU'VE NEVER OWNED ONE, let alone worked on one.

    Bumpin the gums.... Bump bump bumpin... Bumpin the gums...

  14. Yeah, I know. I'm not gonna front him out, though.
  15. You know, it took about the same amount of time to build a Model T as it does the new F 150, and they were using hand tools in the dark, no robots, no fancy multi-story computer controlled facility. With technology comes complexity which = more difficult to work on.
  16. Its only complex if you dont have the tools. That goes for ANY thing. Including mustangs. Boring a cylinder would be pretty difficult with sand paper. Technology advances, so do tools, so does peopls ability to work on vehicles. Also Allen i'd love to see this crystalball you have the designates what I have, and havnt worked on. Mind giving me some lotto numbers as well?
  17. Put 10k on this.

  18. The chit you say gives you away. Your pimply faced 21 year old peers are probably sharp enough to figure that out...

    Look man, you started this chit, I didn't. it's always the same old thing, you trying to put on that you know more than you really do. You're bright, I'll give you that, and you know a hell of a lot more than most kids your age. However, in twenty years you're gonna figure out that you're nowhere near as bright as you thought you where, and you were awfully disrespectful to the old guys that were doing this chit before you were an itch in your daddy's nutz.
  19. Haha Im not sure how I should take the young comment... I'm prob younger then most of you think
  20. Do I have to separate you two? I haven't locked two threads in a week....well, never.

    Let's get back on track.