1. How do you actually manage to throw an auto N/A into a drift?

    Mind you, the only intentional drifting I'd do would be in an empty parking lot, or something wide, open, and empty (Damn I wish I could get onto an abandoned airfield, but that's just dreaming.)

    I think it's very good for a driver to know how to effectively drift, not for using it in any daily situation, or even using it intentionally at all, but if you accidently lose rear wheel traction in any sort of driving, it's good that you've got the practice in to maintain control.
    (Heh, I did a bit of "drifting" of my own when there was about a foot of packed snow on the road... That wasn't fun, drifting at 10 miles an hour....)
  2. theres a difference in learning how your car responds in loss of traction events, and just putting it into squirrely situations trying to be cool showing off your mad driven skillz yo