1. -Don't get me started on that!

    But anyway, all of the ricers, er...drifters, need to look at the old James Dean film "Rebel without a Cause". Pay special attention to the "chicken run" sequence, when Buzz and Jim (Dean) play chicken on an oceanfront cliff.
    Eventually someone is going to lose.
    I pretty much quit street racing when I heard about a crash that happened here several years ago. 5.0 'stang vs. 'vette, well they were racing along at night (middle of the night I might add) when a car attempted to cross the intersection that was in the middle of their race. The 'vette sliced the car in two killing everyone inside, somehow the 'vette driver survived(in what shape I don't know), the 'stang fled the scene and was never caught (though any sane person knows his conscience caught him).
    Yeah I was twenty and invincible once, I had a succession of two V8 Chevelles ('71 'vert, '69 hi-po coupe) that held their own in the early '90s street racing scene. Yeah the Lord blessed me, I never got into an accident, and was only caught once, but the cop went after the car that was winning the race (and I got the hell out of there!).
    Whether its playing chicken, street-racing or drifting, point is, someone is going to come up the loser, could be you, could be your buddy, could be an innocent bystander... (anyone read about the street-racing accident where the guy killed his own Mom?!)... freak stuff happens and can happen to you!

    This public service announcement brought to you by:
    Stouffers frozen entrees, every discerning bachelor chooses Stouffers! Available in your grocer's freezer case, try one tonight!
  2. Maan what is your problem!? Drifting is not strictly rice! What do you think a GTO is? American muscle! What about that Mopar Viper CC? American muscle! Rather you know it or not, there is going to be a stang in the D1GP of this month. So again, what is a mustang? American muscle! Drifting is not strictly rice dude. People drift on dirt tracks. And I dont have duals. :owned:
  3. My problem is I got a ricer in a mustang forum :rolleyes:

    GTO is a pice of crap designed for Aussies. The susupention is bullet proof since there roads sux, but over here it makes for a crapy race car. This is GMs atemp to try and change things up since the Camaros went down the tubes. They have high hopes that the name GTO will bring back some of these people lost to other cars companies. I really don't think this will work unless GM totaly makes a new platform.

    I'm not sure since I really don't keep up with viper stuff including there truck series.

    Driffting was started in Japan by Japanese people to simple get around people on mountain roads. So to me anyone trying to imatate this is nothing but rice. People drift all the time in road racing but not the intire run. It's use to keep from slowing down during turns while trying to win a RACE. It's not some person trying to burn up a set of tires to prove s/he can.

    I never said you had duals...I just simply stated I only complain about duals on a 4cl and riced out stangs :rolleyes:
  4. Why do I get the feeling I cant win this argument :shrug:

    Welp, i'll just let you have ur opinion and i'll have mine ok? Good.
  5. Well congrats to you for maturing, you definetly made the right choice. \

    And I did hear about that kid too, had a 5.0 and rear ended his mom and friend at like 120 mph if I'm not mistaken? Anyways I only know that brief part, can you provide more info?

  6. Now maybe we can get back to talking about some good old fashion American car stuff :banana: :nice:
  7. "Drifting" is what ricers think they invented.

    The term "Outlawing" is what people have been doing since the 60's.

    Getting your car to outlaw around a corner is cake. My blown 5.0 does it with ease. I've outlawed for more than 30 seconds around 4 lane left turn lanes and straight down the road. I've done it in every gear from 1st to 5th at mph from 0 to 130.

    It's very different from getting the rear of a 50 hp car to slide while going into a corner. If you don't have at least 200 hp to the ground, you ain't outlawing or "drifting (ricer)".

    Hell, by some people's standards here, my F150 truck "drifts" lmao. ~Oh my god, I went around a corner at 30 mph and jerked the wheel, and my rear end got squirly~ :rolleyes:

    Kids... :rolleyes:
  8. well there is nothin rice about a mustang :D
    But its fine. That ECU I had tuned today got me almost 30 hp! I love my speed. Im gunna shoot for about 375.

  9. oh i disagree, any thing can be riced out :nonono:
  10. lol. I said there is nothing rice about a mustang. I never said one couldnt be riced out. I wish there were more american cars drifting. I would love to see a vette out there. :flag:
  11. drifting is to racing what putt-putt is to golf :owned: :D
  12. There are a bunch of domestics in drifting now (vipers, mustangs, probably a couple vettes) since drifting is the "new big thing." I still don't get drifting or what's so appealing about it but...whatever.
  13. :nonono: How could you not!? Its fun. Just try it. Find a big enough parking lot with no bumpers or poles, and just let the car loose. When you do it, you'll...well...enjoy yourself. :D Its just a fun sport. :nice:
  14. Well I've pretty much kept my opinions about "drifting" to myself, but eh, what the hell, throw in my 2 cents.

    1. Ok so it may be fun to go out in an empty parking lot and let the car loose once in awhile, even though I'm sure that has to kill suspensions easily. That being said, I don't see any point to making a bona-fide competition out of it.

    2. If a demolotion derby can be considered a sport, I guess drifting can too, but that still doesn't give it much credibilty in my eyes.

    To me drifting is this: People took a certain aspect of road racing and turned it into it's own little sport. IMHO it was pry the people who couldn't perform in the rest of the race to turn the one thing they could do into a sport, kinda like you suck at sex so you have to rely on foreplay so you can feel like a winner, but then again that's just my opinion. :shrug:

    Either way, if they wanna do it, fine let them do it, it doesn't bother me.
  15. so go drifting! :nice:
  16. Well now I'm curious, if sliding a car sideways is not drifting, then what is?

    For those of you that actually think ricers invented drifting. Go slap yourselves. You can't control a sliding car worth **** with no power to the rear wheels.
  17. Heh I think I see why Pro-Hawk is so miserable. He hears the word "drifting" and thinks of some kid in a flaming piss yellow Civic with aluminum park bench bolted to the back that jerks the wheel and locks the e-brake and spins out uncontrollaby in a cloud of smoke. LOL that is not what we are taking about. That is a separate form of racing, it's called a retard trying to cause a wreck in a wrong wheel drive car. :p
  18. I find more pleasure in making a text book corner on the ragged edge and NOT have the rear end come out.

    But if i'm in the rain, I slide everywhere I can safely.
  19. Damn just when I had this guy talking about stangs and stang mods :nonono:

    I feel so misunderstood...I'm Pro American!! Now if I was in Japan, it's like the old saying when in Rome do as the... I do not care for driffting in my country whether or not is a so called pro driffter or some kid tearing up some guys parking lot. These people think doing things like this in a parking lot is safe but it is distructive to the pavement (black top). If the lot owner has not agreed to the lot being used for this, it's destruction of private property to me.

    Do I loose sleep over Driffting, hell no, again I don't think twice about it but I don't really care to have ricers on a stang thread promoting it. It's clear as water to me, if you drifft you are a ricer no matter what. A real race car driver uses driffting as a tool to help compete in a real race like autocross, road race and even NASCAR. I also don't care for a American cars fixed to look like a Honduh, if you want rice than go buy it. Heck their cheap as crap, just ask the American auto working that Honduhs put out of buisness :(

    Ok I will return you to your regular rice-a-thon.
  20. Drifting is more than sliding your car around.. keeping your car sideways for more than 2 seconds around a corner or on a straight away is drifting.. well part of it.

    As much as I hate to admit, drifting is a ricer thing. But I still argue the fact that just because you drift, you are a ricer. Im an Auto-deversified type person. I'd drive a Supra just as quick as i'd drive a Viper.

    Im not a ricer, I just like to explore all forms of motorsports. Rally, drag, DRIFT, nascar, autocrossing, i've done it all.