Edelbrock 4.6 SOHC Intakes - 2 of them

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  1. Two of them mentioned in the new April '06 5.0 Mustangs & Super Fords, p.70. They say there is a 4.6 SOHC EFI intake and a 4.6 SOHC carb intake as well as an ignition controller for the carb version.

    Anyone have ANY information? I looked for pics and I tried searching here. No dice. I also went striaght to Edelbrocks website. It sucks...as all manufacturer websites seem to lately.

    i also just emailed Edelbrock. I would have called but they are closed for the day. Soonest I could call now is Friday, maybe during the day at lunch I can call. I saw an article about a 4.6 intake in the new MM&FF too, but was in such a hurry I didn't get to look at it very closely.
  2. i would like to see somebody come out with a lower priced intake manifold. so i am subscribing to this one
  3. :Word:

    Right after I got my Accufab piece. oh well, got it for a good price :nice:

    BTW, is this an actual Manifold (upper/lower)? or just another plenum?
  4. Professional Products is coming out with a manifold that utilizes the stock or aftermarket plenum. Claims 23 hp at 6300 rpm. Not bad for the price, but its not out yet. Heres a link http://www.rpmoutlet.com/musv8dynotune.htm
  5. www.hiperformancesolutions.com is comeing out with one. It not a reproducation of the PI intake...looks like it, but has more inner plenum volume and shorter runners.
  6. yup, 3-4 yrs its been coming out any day now :nonono:
  7. beter late then never
  8. :rlaugh: . No, its going to be out like this month from what i hear. I taked to the owner before, and he said it will definatly be out for a while by the time I buy one in May.
    Ill contact him again and tell him that everyones getting ancy :D. Is anyone planning on buying one? Ill be doing before/after dynoing of it....already have the befores :D.

    Darn sex objects :nonono: (look at his location)
  9. finally somebody is making a intake for us.
  10. Seems to be a legit intake as far as I can tell. The carb intake HAS to be totally new.
  11. i dont doubt its authenticity, what Im wondering is, is it a lower and/or upper MANIFOLD, or an upper Plenum?

    you know, we have a stock plastic lower manifold with a smaller upper intake elbow, or plenum, mounted on top of it? on the other hand, there are actual manifolds like the Bullitt, P-51, Reichard Racing. Just curious. Thanks for the info though, I'll pick up the mag soon and see for myself :nice:
  12. I want a carb'd 4.6mod motor! That would be damn cool!!! Or even just a better lower intake mani for a lower cost than the P-51/RR/Bullitt.

    So yeah, I would totally buy one.
  13. Its gonna be out this month :D
    thats exactly what we have heard for years....we have all talked to him and been on the mailing list etc etc etc....so if it comes out i'll try to contain my excitement until I see some real numbers.
  14. Well, S.O. I dont know what to say :(. Im just hoping that it does come out soon. Apparently they are building all the preorders first :shrug:
  15. forgive us old timer mod motor guys for our negativety :p We have been hearing :bs: for 10 years about what is on the verge of being released to actually never have anything released. I remember in the late 90's Edelbrock was getting ready to release heads/intake for 4.6. Imagine how much they would have sold to NPI guys! if they actually did. So until its actually out and on other peoples cars....i'll just sit back and wait. :(
  16. A.) This isn't Edelbrock saying it's comeing out. It's 5.0 Mustangs & Super Fords reporting that they saw the 2 intakes at the 2005 SEMA show. So it's not complete BS.

    B.) The PI heads are such an improvement over the Non-PI heads that aftermarket cylinder heads are not needed at this point. The factory heads can deliver air flow that exceeds the engine's ability to make power given the available intakes and ported PI heads exasperate this. The number of people making the kind of power needed to start to justify a clean sheet design head just isn't there yet. Without a real market need, things don't get made. There are N/A 4.6's easily making over 400 crank hp and blown cars making over 600 hp at the crank ON STOCK HEADS and the heads aren't max'd out yet. There are other componenets that need attention first. Intakes specifically and Edelbrock has displayed not one but TWO version of this intake at THE major industry show.

    C.) I am hopefull, but like yourself I am skeptical too. Have heard this song many times, but no one has delivered the goods yet.
  17. I disagree. The 3V motor is for all intents a 2V shortblock with kick-ass high-flowing cylinder heads. Right out of the box it's making 40HP more than a PI 2V. The fact that the only major difference between these engines is the heads & intake suggests that there is potential for the aftermarket to give us something more than just PI heads ported to various degrees.

    Hell, even FRPPs SVO castings outflow the PI parts...

    It's not like a "package" involving heads and an intake doesn't have precedent: such packages have been available for the pushrod engines for a good while now and sell like hotcakes.

    To me it's still a mystery why Edelbrock, to name but one, continues to pour aluminum into molds for such obscure applications as Oldmobile 307cid intake manifolds or AMC 343cid cylinder heads while heretofore leaving the late model modular market completely high & dry. Perhaps these manifolds, if they pan out, indicate that they're finally getting a clue.
  18. Hopefully, we actually gets to see it out for sale this time around. we've seen way too many of them "Comming soon", and remain so for like 3~4 years....
  19. I really hope the Edelbrock intake isnt anything similar to this one. What good is 23 HP at 6300 RPM when my rev limiter is at 6100-6200?? Also how is this intake making 23 HP? Those are cam change numbers. Alot of work to swap out an intake on our motors, so whatever intake comes out it better make decent power and not cost $600.
  20. I agree with you man... 23hp at 6300 would be awesome for a DOHC car that can easily crank those rpms, but not for a SOHC 4.6 without a forged crank... if it was 23 hp at, say, 5500 rpm, that would be sweet. Also, having done it myself, I can say that changing the intake manifolds on the 4.6 is a piece of cake :nice: