Edelbrock 4.6 SOHC Intakes - 2 of them

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  1. in that pic. notice the thrid part number down. that one looks like a EFI intake. that maybe a stock replacement one.
  2. i like the looks of the rpm outlets one. :shrug: if it winds up producing power that would be well worth 600 bucks. polished/ aluminum/ appears to be just the lower intake. i dont know it sounds ok.

    up till this point i was looking at the p 51 but the power results are too up and down....im gonna wait it out. intake will be the last thing i do unless one of these lowers turn out to def. make power.
  3. [​IMG]
    I love my P-51 :)
  4. This 3v head talk has me wondering...........do you guys think it is possible to put the 05+ 3v heads on a pre 05 block?
  5. I screen shot it from the 2006 Edelbrock online catalog.

  6. PN: 28385 is the one pictured and that's the EFI one.
  7. yeah, you can see each of the 8 bosses for the fuel injectors at the end of the intake runners.
  8. And I'm sure that you do. You see, the probrem with P-51 is that it doesn't do much for N/A engine. certainly not enough to justify its $1200+ price tag. U can get Patriet heads for around that price, and get more then u do with P-51. And RR intake makes power far beyound anyone can use it and enjoy on street without braking several traffic reguration. Then there is the issue of price as well.

    What we, as N/A engine guys(and some of you blown people) that works for living need is that

    1 - Affordable(about half of that of RR and P51 would be ideal. But less is even better)
    2 - Bolt on(needing no new fuel line or anything. No cutting underside of your bonnet, or require new bonnet. Just Straight bolt on)
    3 - Makes usable power on almost stock N/A to mildly modded(handheld tuner, LT, under drive pully, May be cams like 90% of our car is)
    4 - And do that at more street friendly range(say 2000RPM ~ 5500RPM)
    5 - And if needs to be, support supercharger application as well.
    6 - Oh and CARB ceretified for you Cali people

    Did I miss anything??
  9. no, you pretty much summed it all up pretty good.:nice:
  10. Are you saying I don't work for a living? crapola


    I agree there should be another alternative, problem is fabricating something like that costs a lot of money and time. No offense to Fox Lake, but I pre-ordered my P-51 and it took an amazingly long period of time to get it. Problems with the fabrication, foundry, etc - things outside of their control weren't getting done. The design is very good, and all components that come with it are second to none - although I hate to say it is on the expensive side. It will definitely benefit me more than an N/A car, based on HP gain vs dollar amount. That also being said, just about any intake is going to be expensive because while a few things remain the same, a lot has to change to make power. We don't have the stock compression of the Chebby's where all you do is a cam/lid/exhaust and pick up tons of HP. Also, on a blown car the P-51 picked up (correct me if I'm wrong, this is from memory) something like 15-22HP. To the N/A guys, what type of power gains from an intake would be significant enough to spend at least $600-$800 on it? If your looking for 10-15 HP, you can go to a water/methanol injection that has been shown to get those kind of gains. I got my water/meth kit at home, not installed yet, but those who run them report excellent gains with FI applications.
  11. hey procharger,

    Do you have any more pics of the P-51 intake manifold?
  12. at home I got a pic of the engine in the car and all

    i will post them on my lunch break in about 3 hours
  13. no i'm noy saying that you don't work. but some of us just can'y spend that much money. Thas why I wish there are other some alternative that are more easily affodable. is all
  14. oh i know man i was just jokin around hence the :)
  15. wow...what a great thread!
  16. I gotta find the other memory card that has the pics from november on it. If I can't find it I'll uncover it in the garage and get new ones for you.
  17. Found the pics..please excuse some of the dirt as this is when I first got it back from the mechanic's garage.

  18. NICE!...and guys, trust me....its even bigger looking in person! LOL Doesnt it weigh like 50#s?

    BTW I want some valve covers like that :drool: ...love the aluminum look.