Effective/cheap mods to increase hp for cars?

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  1. Yea im 23 and was in the Military and went on 3 deployments and still didn't have that kind of money. Dude you're doing something right:nice:

  2. HAHA well I gotta give credit where credit is due. My parents have helped me out, they bought me my GT and my dad ended up selling me the Shelby cheap.

    I've been working full time (53+ hrs/ week) at my dads business during the summer since I was 13 or 14. I originally learned how to weld did that for 3-4 years and decided it wasn't for me so now I'm a painter. I work around 30hrs a week and go to college now. Between all the money I've saved since I started working and playing in the stock market (before it took a dump) I've done alright. Luckily I pulled out all my money out of the market but a few grand before it took a dump or I would be hurting right now. With the 4k I left in the market I’m down to $900, nothing like losing $3,100 in a few months. I’ve made good money since I was young and if it wouldn’t have been for my dad and his business I wouldn’t own what I own today. Though he sold his business a few years ago the new owners didn’t fire me so I must be doing something right. LOL

    I ended up buying the Shelby from my dad in Aug of 08. I don't know if I even posted that on here. LOL He never drove it and sold it to me for a great deal. I still leave it out at his house though there is no room for it where I live. He takes it out on rare occasions and in turn still pays insurance on it so I can’t complain. LOL Between both of us driving it, it only has 37XX miles on it and we bought it new in Nov of 06. This year I’m gonna really start driving it and its gonna see the track this year too.

    As for my 89 I picked it up for $2,200 and its what I've been working on this winter. Its all stripped and should be in primer this month as long as I stop putting it off. LOL
  3. Well congrats to you my man:nice:
  4. I bet it's nice having parents that spend that much money on you
  5. Its alright but I don't get as much as people think I do, the car was about it. I buy all my own clothes, cds, and what ever else I need/want. Plus my dad has had me working my a$$ of since I was young so I never really had a summer break or anything. Sometimes I would have rather had that then the stuff I own. It sucks nowing that I've really never had a month where I haven't worked in over 7 years and I'm only 20. LOL
  6. I hear that. I've had a constant job since I turned 14... I wanted to work at that point, lol.
  7. HAHA yea me too but I still look back at a bunch of fun stuff I missed out on. Even now with my friends in college I hardly even get to see them when they are back home for the holidays since I'm working all the time.
  8. Yeah I forgot what freinds were between time with my gf, school, and work...:(
  9. Same boat here:nice: