Eleanor front end update

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  1. Yeah it took awhile for me to decide on that, but I think I'll go with this, and put some superwhite fogs in the lower valance. :shrug: :nice:
  2. Hey man im loving the way your car looks. Im glad somebody decided to ditch the "bump" hood and go with a shelby hood, as well as going with a new paint scheme. I love the nose of eleanor...but thats about it. Now just drop a turboed 408 cleveland with a 6 speed and u'll be my hero :D
  3. :eek: :nice:
  4. Got Headlights ?!

    Update pics....
    Hope everyone approves of my headlight choice. They have the city lights in them too. I'll use white bulbs for that. If I really like them turned on I'll wire them to my parking lights.

  5. two more -

    last fewpics coming once the light are wired up, I'll post some pics of them turned on with the car actually pulled out of the garage. Time to move on to the built AOD swap with a shift kit, and 2,500 stall. :nice: Body work, and paint to be put off a few months. Want to be sure I can do it right -


    Got new parking light lenses too. I just thought they were supposed to be yellow !
  6. Look Sweeet man. :)
  7. That looks sick. I wish I could do that to my 66.
  8. Looking real GOOD!

    Them some fancy lights you got there slim? Where can I get me some of em'?

    "That thing got a hemi in it?" LOL

    Sorry I just got through listening to a dodge comercial.
  9. prophecy u can do it to your 66. mustangdepot sells a kit.
  10. The 66' kit looks hella Gay!
  11. Yup, It looks like its falling apart. Doesn't seem to fit right. Like we from Cali say, it looks HELLA gay.
  12. I don't mean to be nit-picky, but how do you plan to adjust your headlights or change the bulb?
  13. :scratch::shrug:

    Good call. Still kinda working on that. I'm guessing I'll have to adjust it good before I finally put the front end on and cut a hole in the fenders just behind the headlight buckets to get new bulb through.

    Hopefully I wont have to pull the upper nose off when I need to adjust the lights b/c I dont want to make holes there to get a screw driver through -
  14. Yeah something is not quite right with it -
    I think it's the hood. W/O the hood it may be OK :shrug:
    I got the light from John's Mustang in Houston for $55 w/ regular bulbs.
    pm me for more info on them - :nice:
  15. The reason I asked is because the movie Eleanors didn't have to worry about that, so I assume for ease of construction, they just kept the large, two headlight system lights, while Shelby's used the smaller, 4 headlight bulbs, therefore allowing the use of atrim ring to cover the adjusting area
  16. [​IMG]

    Notice the small notches cut into the upper nose around the headlights that allow acsess to the screws that hold the trim ring/headlights in.
  17. Yep. I have several of those pics on my screen saver, and never noticed that before.
    Hmmmm. I really don't want to do that though.:scratch: :(

    I've had my 68 for 16 years, and have only adjusted my headlights 1-2 times anyway. Granted several of those years here and there I wasn't driving it yes, but how often do you guys end up adjusting your headlights? Wondering how concerned I should be about it. I plan on driving the car pretty often when it's done.
  18. Shaggy, thanks for posting that picture on this thread. It proves how FUGLY the "real" Eleanor hood is compared to the Shelby one. It also makes me really glad 68&00 did not put purple lights into his too.

    Looking good! :nice:
  19. Any more updates? can we see the full car. I am hella jealous.
  20. :nice: :nice: :nice: :nice: :nice: How bad did you have to manipulate that upper nose section?