Ever wonder who we all talk to on SN

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  1. they are unbelieveable in person
  2. :rlaugh: Strype you is the man.
  3. good to see ur wearing ur helmet strype :rlaugh:
  4. hahaha,,,, now thats some GOOD $h*t!~

  5. :stupid:
  6. p7260031lx4.jpg

    i have the gray snorkel, little bro is on my right.



    edit: oh, and no pictures of the girlfriend. i dont need anymore harassing than normal ;)

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    names Robert just incase anyone wanted to know.... if you didnt then forget i told you. :D
  8. If you be my body gaurd I will be your long lost pal... I can call you Betty and Betty when you call me you can call me Al :shrug:

  9. lol sorry im on contract

  10. :( Back to the body builder brother-in-law it is
  11. i know this probably gets asked a lot but how tall are you? and is the weather about 5 degrees colder up there? i think we might have to nickname you LEAFEATER lol j/k i wish i was tall. im only 5'7.
  12. how the hell do you fit in a stang
  13. I have trouble getting comfy in my sis 03 and I'm 5'10, A guy in my class is 6'10 and drives a 98 mustang fine, cept his knees are on the dash and his head hits the headliner when he takes a bump fast!!
  14. me in my halo (cause broke neck and back) and my sisters tweetie blanket cause it was cold outside LMFAO