Ever wonder who we all talk to on SN

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  1. take the drivers seat out and use the back seat:shrug: thats all i can think of LOL
  2. Nice pink blanket ***... J?K :D
  3. thats mest up man!!!... when i look at the pic i get chills down my back... im glad your still alive!
  4. yeah dude i had alot of people looking after me in that wreck
  5. im 7foot tall and i fit alright in my 85. probably because i got the gangsta lean broken bracket. yes my knees hit the dash, my steering wheel is tilted all the way up, my seats pushed all the way back, my head hits the headliner, it isnt 5 degrees colder up here, and strype i cant be your body guard for atleast 3 more years....
  6. stoner /\ /\ /\

  7. Winner....... :rolleyes:

  8. Take me to your leader!
  9. i have a crappy pic i posted before, this isnt much better! the first one is of me tailgaiting at the GIANT's game with my Girlfriends Sisters boyfriend.. the second is me, my girlfriends sister, and her boyfriend.. im the one in the red manning jerzey :D

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  10. Dude!!! If that's your GF's sister... how fine is your GF??? :drool:


  11. :D
  12. In hell you guys will burn :nonono:

  13. Those girls look like 17 year old skanks........I would put it to them with Rolands unit and MOB pushing!
  14. what girls?
  15. That’s what I was trying to figure out.

  16. :scratch:

    That's a bad thing :shrug:
  17. eghhhhh......sorry I was on another page, the one with the girls in the basketball jerseys. I thought it was the newest page. My bad