EVERYBODY please post your pics...

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  1. Ok, i know there have been posts in the past where you were told to post your pics...well i cant seem to find a real good one that has pleanty of pics. picking the color to PAINT a classic Stang is VERY IMPORTANT and i need some help finding that perfect look. So PLEASE, EVERYBODY post your pictures of your stangs.

    Dont forget to post the color of your stang..
  2. [​IMG]

    Old pic, but the paint hasn't changed so it shouldn't matter.
  3. what color white is that norcal?
  4. You want pictures?
    you go here

    Scroll down and visit the parking lot.

    Here's mine too

  5. heres mine, one shows the color better, the other is a better pic but makes the color look dark. Color is indigo metallic, the same dark blue as is on newer GM trucks. Sorry for the extra blank page area, I'll try to fix it when I get home from work.

  6. [​IMG] [​IMG]

    It sits up another inch and a half all the way around now thanks to new coils, leafs and 4 new shocks. Drives AND looks better now too!

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  7. 302 coupe...what size rims are those?
  8. 15's....they look tiny compared to dodgestang's!

    sweet ride notny, silver frost metallic? Mine used to be that color before I painted it blue......
  9. Click on the "my garage" under my avatar to see pics.

    Color is "98 dodge viper Blue Pearlcoat"
  10. wow nice paint!!! :rlaugh:
  11. Thanks! His name is Stang.

  12. [​IMG]

    I gotta get some new better pics sometime. These are soooo old.
  13. blown65, whatever happened to yours? I never got to see the story.

    Here is what mine should look like when I'm done. Don't have any current pics, as it is in the garage with no engine in it. :D

  14. Sold the blower and injection, purchased a bunch of parts to change over to a 5.0 mass air system that prob next spring or there abouts will add a T70 turbo. :)
  15. Mine needs paint. It faded a little. Its in the link. :D
  16. Nothin' wrong with the basic black, but it's more fun when it's flamed. :D

    Raven Black with a heavy coat of black pearl for the flames.


  17. Hey OT....I got a friend who is pretty hungry.

  18. hmm me and norcal is pretty similar but i got 2 chevy colors ha ha 03 trailblazer white and a 66 chevelle blue

  19. He looks like a big Shelby fan! :lol:

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