EVERYBODY please post your pics...

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  1. paint color

    GRABBER ORANGE - really stands out in a sea of red, blue, green and gray cars.


  2. Thanks. About 2 years age we bought the blue 68 from a friend for $13K.

    I don't have the guts to add up the receipts on the red 67. :shrug:
  3. Gulfstream Aqua. Really sticks out in a see of Grabber Orange. :p

    Depending on the angle of the sun it can look more green or more blue at the same time of day.


  4. Damn PAK,

    That's one fine ride. I noticed that you have 'silvered' the inboard head lamps. Send me a frontal shot, I'm almost done with the 69 and wouldn't mind seeing how that looks on a whimbelton white car.
  5. Why thank you sir. Coming from you I take that as the highest compliment having seen how clean your work is again and again. Yes, good eye! Every once in a while I get someone who points out to me how "incorrect" that is :rolleyes: , but most really like it, they just don't know why or what is suddenly different without a side by side comparison. While I love that aggressive look of the 69' grille, I just always thought it was too black. I picked up some Argent paint to refinish the arrow shaped center grill molding between the bumper and grill, and I thought that the head lamp trim was about the best spot to introduce just a touch more argent. The screw tabs were battered anyway so I figured what the heck. When I order new ones I will probably still paint them Argent again I think, I really like it. Now all I need to do is add some Argent in between the side scoops where as I "now know" should be black not body color :flag: and I'll be all set. This is as close to a full frontal shot as I have, hope it helps.

  6. Another Pic comparing Reds


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  7. Can anyone quess what this guy and Tommy Lee have in Common!!!
  8. Assuming we are not talking about Mr. Jones, I'll guess a humongus ****-a-doodle-doo? :shrug:
  9. Large feet?
  10. Winner winner, chicken dinner! :nice:

    ...Now back to pics of nice Mustangs...
  11. It would appear that's not all though. After a closer look it would seem that the farmers fingers also smells like Pam. :rlaugh:


    OK now back to the cars, game on.

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  12. Look what I started!
  13. Double Post :bang:
  14. Was this until I got tired of the problems with the hood and hinges:


    soon to be this once new hood is painted:


    and don't forget the interior:


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  15. BLKFRD...what size wheels do u have on ur stang...backspacing and all if you know it. thanks
  16. 17x8 bullit wheels with standard backspacing (I think it's 5.75"). 245s in back and 225s in front which will rub from time to time but its uncommon. 1/2" spacer in back rather than the usual 1" spacer because my rear is not stock...its an '80 granada 9" with large drums. Front has 1" spacers with integral studs milled down to 0.8" to improve fit. I made a set of conical T6 washers for the spacers to engage more spacer material to make up for the 0.2" mill. Spacers are both eibach T6 aluminum spacers purchased from maximum motorsports in San Luis Obispo Ca. Tires are Falken 451s. Handling is excellent, but its due to a lot more than wheels and tires...subframe connectors, torque boxes, 302 Boss type engine crossmember, export brace, monte carlo bar, shelby drop, GT springs, 4.5 leaf mid eye leafs, tank armor which stiffens the rear area, a lot of caster and negative camber, and GR-2 shocks.

    Fender lips were also reduced to about 1/3 of original using a die grinder and carbide bit instead of rolling which would have cracked the paint. The carbide bit just made mince meat out of the fender lips...worked perfect.

    Sounds like a lot of work, but when you spend nearly 5 years completely restoring a car, this is a drop in the bucket and i'm dedicated to doing things right.
  17. Cars of Mine

    My first Mustang, pic is from 1987....


    The World-Famous CHEPSK8... (now a resident of Minnesota)


    And my current project... a replica Cobra (note the body hanging from the ceiling!)



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