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  1. I need to get some new pic's, those are quite old... Since then as far as appearance goes, I've ditched the Cervini's hood and went with the Saleen heat extractor, added a front mount intercooler ;), and got some corbeau
    forza's.. I'll try to get some new pics asap if you guys are interested..
  2. the_david, did you receive the pm?
  3. haha yes we are interested!
  4. My 94 Green GT with 17" Ford Special Editon GT wheels. Cheap tires 225/45/17

  5. that tiny
  6. Here is a couple....18 inch cobra r's, 245/40's, with a 2" drop and no scrub at all!

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  7. two more for your enjoyment :D

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  8. Limp, it looks like your tires are on backwards...

  9. does anyone have 10th Anniversary cobra wheels on a SN95?
  10. 1994 GT 5.0 with FMS 17x9 Cobra R's on Nitto 555 255x45x17 Extremes, and 13" rotors and Cobra calipers

  11. Good eyes Killercanary. :eek: They sure look backwards.
  12. Cobra R 18's
  13. 94SC50 :nice: :nice: :nice: , look at the color :bang:
  14. didnt you have fr500s at one time? those looked hot
  15. i think those are his buddies... unless that black mustang to the right is really his and he doesn't want to tell us

    i do remember JR's car with like three different sets of wheels

    limppimp: when u rotate ur wheels with directional tires u really shouldn't change sides, all u can really do is fr-br and fl-bl
  16. I have had them on there for about 8 months and never even noticed...dont I fell dumb :doh: . Thanks for letting me know guys, I'll be taking care of that.
  17. Those belong to the black stang. I just ordered a set of chrome 18's in the same wheel. I had the FR's but they didn't look very well IMO on my car.
  18. 94 GT with Mille Miglia MM11-3 wheels

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  19. 17x9 Steeda Ultralites

  20. What's that thing hanging down underneath your car? e-brake cable? :scratch:

    Oh yea, it looks good. :drool: