Build Thread Finally! 89 Notch 2v Swap Progress Thread Project: 89mach1

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by madmike1157, Feb 1, 2011.

  1. Well I've waited until I actually have enough to talk about, but now I'm finally starting to make enough headway to post some stuff.

    What we have here is my "Katrina flood car" 89 notch that I have decided to go retro with and build a 69 mach1 tribute (of sorts).

    Plans are to use the 2v motor and Tremec 3650 I had out of a wrecked 02, keep it as old school simple as it would've/could've been i.e manual brakes/ manual rack/carburetor.... re do the interior in the mach1 upholstery that can be bought now, redo the aero front (slightly) and change out the tail lights;bumper;rear valance w/ new 1968 units. Put Mavromont 17 x 6.5 pony R's on front and 17 x 10's on the rear (after modifying the rear tubs to accomodate the special 7.2" backspacing) Use Nitto 215/50/17's on front and 285/50/17's on back then paint the thing white w/ a blacked out hood and Tail light panel and adding the commensurate 69 mach1 reflective stripe kit to the sides and rear.

    Ive modified the stock K member and fabbed a new trans mount. The engine is in the car and mounted. The interior is completely done, but unfortunately is mostly out of the car so I could fit the trans, wire up the necessary stuff in the dash, and cut my rear wheel tubs in half to add in the 1"1/4 extra width to accomodate the fat-assed tires. Once I get it running, I'll put the full interior back in and post those pics next.

    paint and body are way off, but here's what's done so far.
  2. Did the wheel tubs this week end. Don't know how I'mm gonna get tailpipes past these wheels/tires though
  3. Very different from what most do with a fox. Look forward to seeing your progress.
  4. nice build but the way you posted pics is a freakin nightmare, might fix that...
  5. Good progress and work:nice:, but very crappy thread layout
  6. How should it be done differently? I'll change it accordingly.
  7. Post your pics underneath eachother.
  8. Yeah, I don't know how this happened(thread layout)weird... Anyway, DUDE! the car looks ****en so far!!! I can't wait to see how you're gonna pull off the taillight panel. I had a 70 mach 1 and I always wanted to do that with a fox. I just had no clue as to how to go about the taillights..... Just never materialized.
  9. How wide are those rear wheels?
  10. I guess I'm kind of dense here, are the pics not beneath each other? Do you mean I should hit return between each posted pic and put each pic on its' own line?
  11. They're 10's but they look freakin HUGE! Guess it's the backspacing that puts them so far underneath the quarters that makes them look so big.

    I get the tires tomorrow, (275 50 17) they'll be 11.5" wide and a tick under 28" tall. he fronts will be 225 50 17's (26" tall)
  12. Looks good so far!
  13. 275's on 10 inch wheels? You might want to double check that. Kinda narrow for 10's. Sure you don't mean 295's?
  14. Nah, they're definately 275's (biggest I could get and still get the total tire height I wanted.) It pushes the tire .5" beyond max recommended rim size,
    Damn! now you got me worrying!
  15. Those do look huge. I'm with SSeater on the tires. My Cobra has 295's on 10" wide rims and I wouldn't go any smaller then 285's.
  16. apretty sure a lot of people run 275's om a 10" wheel
  17. When he said he had 17"s I was thinking 17X10.5's, and my 295's are on an 18X10.
  18. Great work, very clean, I have a question on this picture:

    Is this some kind of matting? I cant really tell what part of the car this is, looks like a spring perch but some matting like that would look clean along the firewall, like it comes factory on some new cars.
  19. yes, please do.
  20. This car is going to be badass! What has been done to the motor? I like the old school Ford blue!