Finally got my deep dish 10th anniversary Cobra wheels!!!

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  1. Here are my new wheels that I got for my Notch. They are deep dish 10th anniversary Cobra replicas that I got off Ebay. The sizes are 17X9 & 17X10. These arent the same crappy ones that 50resto will be selling, these are only available from OE wheels & the quality is the same as all the wheels I have bought from wheelreplicas. There are subtle differences between these & the OEM ones like the curvature of the spokes by the lip, but they still look great IMO & I will be swapping out the centercaps for some SVT or running pony caps... I Cant wait to mount these on the Notch!!!


    17X10 rears...

    17X9 fronts...

    Difference between the 2...


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  2. EPIK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:hail2::hail2::hail2::hail2: Those look frigging badass! Way better than the others. I hope you don't :ban: me if i get those. I'll try to resist myself, but dude you the man and those are gonna look like straight love on the notch
  3. I dont mind you getting em, but good luck finding them. There was only 1 set on Ebay, & i got em..:D

    Im sure they should be readily available soon....
  4. Yea man i'll bet they were. Whoever sells them is probably stockpiling them and releasing a set or two at a time and jacking the price up. Hell by the time i get around to getting them who knows what else will be out there. Can't wait for the next photo shoot, i know one is comming soon.
  5. nice pick up mang
  6. Oh ****!!!

    I have been looking for those without the deep dish front...:jaw:

    Those will look SICK man!!!
  7. great buy! :nice:

    but i gotta ask.

    why did you choose these rims over the black termi (non anniv) rims?
  8. those look a lot nicer than the other ones that were posted up on here before.....nice pick up...can't wait to see them on the notch....I was kinda wishing they wouldn't come out with them in deep dish so they wouldn't blow up my style but whatever...i think they'll look hella tight
  9. Photo shoot will be coming as soon as they are mounted, but i still need to finish the 5 lug swap 1st...


    These are much better than the DD fronts that 50resto sells...


    I wanted to install the black Cobra's, & they looked sick in the chop, but I decided against them because the rear wheels stuck out too much for my liking when I test fitted em on my buddies notch. Those wheels are 10.5" & these 10th anni's are only 10" which should tuck up nicely.... I still do have the black Cobras & i will probably see how they look on the Mach & use em for drag wheels...
  10. They are selling these locally (in the Tampa area) for $395 , staggered.
  11. Thats where OE wheels is based out of.... I would hop on that deal ASAP....
  12. Thanks dude!!! U know how sick these would look on a mineral grey Cobra!!!!:nice::hail2:
  13. If i didn't have a laser red car i'd proly do it. Also i like 17's, but going from 18's to 17's might suck visually.
  14. :D:D:D

    Man they sure would :nice: ...when you post pics im going to shop the wheel/tires onto my cobra just to see :D :banana:
  15. They do have them in stock for with Black spokes instead of the gunmetal/Anthracite finish on them too.
  16. lucky bastard! :nice:
  17. I actually love gunmetal as a wheel color - just wouldn't want gunmetal or black as rims for my car's color. Gunmetal because I don't think it goes well - and black just a personal preference.
  18. I may just forgive you yet. :nice: