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Discussion in 'Special Production' started by marcus95, Aug 27, 2005.

  1. Hummm...the 95 Coupe is right in my backyard. Seems like a good car. If he wants 25-6 he won't get it in todays market. People aren't putting money into cars these days like they were a few months ago.
  2. That S351 Speedster has been advertised on eBay for a couple of months (if not longer).

    I'm guessing the reserve price is too high for the current resale market.

    However, it is a sweet ride & someone would be veddy fortunate to own it.
  3. Yeah. I think this is the 3rd time it has been on there. The market isn't supporting what they want for the car. It hurts it that it didn't come with the R-code option. Right now the non-supercharged cars won't bring much. Even the blown cars are hurting. I have seen 96 S281 cars here in my area in decent condition bring $10,000 on average. The convertible 351 car in todays market will bring mid 20's at the most since it isn't a factory blown car. I missed on identical to it, but in red for $18000! It was a T-code car with leather, alcons, wheel and tire upgrade! Does anyone know what the 95 SR auction ened up at?
  4. $18,000??? I never that I would see the day when an S351 was sold for less then $20,000. Who cares if it was a factory R-code or not. That is ridiculous for a car that started life at $50,000 to drop that much (referring to the low number production and what it is!!!)
  5. Reserve not met at just over $30k
  6. Robert, it was a red 95 that was on PAS website then on ebay a few times. I can't remember the bumper number, but the high bid was $18000 and it sold! I was sick!
  7. Yeah, the current resale market sucks for those owners attempting to sell their pre-2005 Saleens, but it's great for those who are searching for one (like me a month or so ago).

    I was sick selling my original owner '89 earlier this year for the price it eventually sold for.

    But now I have something to take its place, so the pain has been somewhat diminished, particularly considering it was less than 1/2 the cost of a new S281 convertible.
  8. I remember that car it was a Red T code speester with a carbon hood, non SCed in good shape too.
  9. Yep! Thats the car! It would have made a nice edition to my red collection!
  10. Hey Guys. i just sold my 98 saleen cobra convertible for a price i don't even want to mention. What do you think these cars are worth. I am in the market for a s351 at the right price. The coupe has alot of miles and was repainted, neither a plus. The convertible has the burn marks form the intack hitting the hood. Are the T codes driveable or pronbe to all the effects the R codes had also. Any help I appreciate. Shame these cars aren't getting the bids anymore but its good to be a buyer.
  11. Welcome over here.

    I have seen you over on the other board with the same questions.

    It is good to be a buyer now. If you are thinking about this car being you daily driver forget about it. You didn't touch on that over on the other board.
    There will be a few who disagree with me on this subject, but since there are so few cars that actually get driven there isn't a lot of feedback. On top of that most older guys who own these cars dont drive them at all and surely wouldn't be here debating about whos car blew it's motor, and who makes more power.

    Just like you already know it's the blown 495-510 hp R-codes that are tuned on the ragged edge, that does not mean you can go out and drive the piss out of a straight-from Saleen- T code N/A car either. It's just that the detonation demons usually get the R-codes first.
    There are a couple of guys on here that have mid to high mileage on their N/A and blown cars. Some with motor rebuilds and some not.

    To be brutally honest, I think you would be better off with an 03/04 Cobra or 03/04 Cobra Saleen. They are out there, just like that one that other guy who advertised to the world that he just bought one and its wearing a KB. The same guy who hijacked your thread.
  12. Yeah the 03/04 saleen cobras are definitel nice cars. What do you think these 2 cars are worth? I barely drove my 98 saleen that I had for 5 years. If the car saw a few thousand miles a year it would be alot. The T code I would think would go for under 20k, what mods need to be done to bring this to a R cide besides inj, s trim? The motors backthen were the same correct. i remember a while back possibly on another board a woman and her son had a 97 i believe r code but she bought a t code and supercharged it. i remember her dyno numbers were impressive and she said she was getting driveablity down but then we never heard from her again.
  13. One day I will own an S351 with a blower. It's my next vehicle as soon as the Harley is paid for!! :)
  14. doubled edge sword

    Marcus. I would agree...and add a suggestion. My 98 unmodifed s351 R car could be a very nice every day driver...but that will not be on my watch. It is very civilized. Now, '95 111 a N/A car w/ a factory Voretch system added to built engine ( yes, it went kaboom on the first owner) would be a terrible every day driver. It is just a complete handful to drive. Way more power ...and maybe I am just more vervous driving it. I will say that it has the coldest A/C I have ever experienced...important here in Fla...even on a 95 degree day.

    Oddly, if I were forced to drive one everyday, I would choose #111 because it has 18K miles vs. 10K on the '98. But, overall, I agree, they are not great every day cars. I dread the day when I have to replace some factory part that I can not simply switch out....and have either car appear factory correct. Oh well.

    If you buy a s351....don't come whining about some weird a hole in your piston! Oh, and if you really buy one, go to a chassis dyno on the way home and take a full range RPM air fuel reading. Don't pass go and collect the 200.00 until you do this. Cheap insurance.

    I'll step down now!

    Dan C

    For every day, an 03, 04 Cobra would be the perfect choice. Not as select as an S351, but much smarter in the short and long run.
  15. Hey George, I will fix you up with a yellow one! Mark
  16. Amen. Also, the N/A cars won't have forged pistons. These are essential for a blown car! I have raced mine and dealt with alot of issues. They aren't daily drivers. I drive mine a few times a month and wouldn't be afraid to drive it on a trip. But, I have spares to replace anything that breaks. There is a 95 on PAS's website that would be a nice street car. Its a factory R-code car that is set-up similar to my 96. The cars on ebay aren't what i would buy right now for an investment. The vert I wouldn't be interested in at all. The coupe possibly for the right price. Just make sure all the VIN stickers are still in place.
  17. Why would you pass on the convertible? What do you guys think these cars are worth? So it seems buying a t code and adding a blower is a bad idea.

  18. I have dibs on Mark's yellow car. :D
  19. The problem you run into in buying one where the blower was added is wondering if they modded the rest of the car to handle it. If they haven't gone into the short block I would definetely stay away. Most people don't upgrade in other area when adding the blower. The pre 97 cars need a few upgrades regardless. Mid 96 they started using a forged piston though. A T-code car wouldn't be a bad driver if stock. I wouldn't buy one that has been modified unless I knew the car personally. That goes for any S351. The coupe on ebay won't hit the reserve. I would venture to say the guy wants atleast $25000 for the car. The vert has not met reserve a few times already. Right now is the time to buy. I would hold out for a true R-code car though.