For those who drove the GT and v6...

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  1. Comparing production cars to customized street rods that do 8's? Really?

    If we were talking about the great gas mileage of a hyrbid, would ya bring up top fuel dragsters too?

    If we were talking about enjoying the flavor of an orange would you be going off about starting up and managing a grove?

    If we started up a conversation about stubbing a toe would ya mention it's nothing compared to WWII?

    terms like "fast" are subjective... and I bet there's someone out there that thinks your definition of fast is grandma pokie too.
  2. V6 vs. GT


    Well I drove both cars back to back to attempt to evulate the value for the money on the GT. To be honest, I did not find too much difference, certainly not 90 horses different. I did the same test several times before deciding and eventually went for the V6, as it proved ,in my opinion the better value of vehicle.
    Now I am not a speed demon or anything, but I do like my power, but good looks are important as well. So I have since purchased some goodies. Red Racing stripe, 20" wheels, Eibach lowered sprint kit and most recently, just picked up the SCT xcalibrator 2 with 2 factory tunes. Addes 11 horses to the car and a further 10 when my Steeda cold air kit arrives. Just as important the lame " factory setting" for throttle, rev limiter have been replaced and I swear it is a diffrent beast altogether.

    To sum up:
    Mustang V6 convertable $30,000 ( CAD $)
    Sct Xcalibrator 2 $500(CAD$)
    Steeda cold air kit $350 (CAD$)

  3. yeah and i bet those 20's reawlly helped it get quicker, too.
  4. I agree with most posters here on this thread...the V6 is fine in terms of power (and of course, looks) for us average Joes. I'm not into racing anyone and the V6 has so much more punch than any other car I've ever had it's still a thrill after almost 5 months. One thing though, I keep seeing reference to "hesitation" in acceleration. I've never felt that but I have a stick and not an that the difference?
  5. When you floor it does your engine rev immediatley or is there a 2 second delay between when the pedal goes down and when you get a response?
  6. just for the record, my trans am ran 8's and it wasnt on the juice :p just 22.2psi lol
  7. You have hit the nail right on the head.
  8. You're just missing the whole point of this thread and, quite frankly, anyone who thinks a 12 second Vette isn't fast is either an idiot or just full of crap.
  9. Agreed! :nice:
  10. I am not missing the point. I did say the vette is an extremely quick car, I am not going to argue the point, it worthless to.

    I am not going to try to convince people that the V6 Mustang is not a fast car. All I am going to say is this, if you buy a V6, don't be thinking it is the hottest thing on wheels. I personally know 2 owners of an 05 V6 Mustang and am sad to say that I do know them. They think their car is the hottest thing out there and well they don't fair very well when picking on other cars.
  11. You are missing the point. The question put forth was whether the V6 is fast enough for the average person and the answer is yes. No one said it was a race car or that it was faster than a GT or a Vette. Compared to other V6s on the market, it is a superior vehicle in terms of power and style.

    And I'm sure those two V6 owners are sad to say they know you too.
  12. You sure about that?

    Dodge 2.7L V6 = 200 HP
    Ford 3.0L V6 = 203 HP
    Honda 3.0L V6 = 240 HP
    Nissan 3.5L V6 = 245 - 285 HP
    GM 3.8L V6 = 200 HP
    Ford 4.0L V6 = 210 HP

    You want me to list more?
  13. Sacha, the original question posed.

    My initial answer.

    I don't see how that missed the point. I am not impressed with the performance of the V6 mustang and definitely do not place it as a race car of any type as the original question asked or suggested.

    Comparing the 4.0L V6 to other V6's out there, well it doesn't really impress at all.
  14. I am a 2005 GT owner and imo the V6 was a mistake. To me that mustang is all show and looks. It also pisses me off because they will be on every corner in a year and I hate looking at the damn thing. What's the point of a Mustang that can't haul ass? Defeats the purpose I think. I'm not ragging on anybody for buying a V6...but Ford could of done us all a favour and kept it GT, Boss, Shelby.
  15. If ford did that, there wouldnt even be a mustang GT to buy, or any mustang for that matter. v6 is something like 70% of sales.

    By the way, there a lot of 05 v6's out there that could give you a run for the money if not beat you, not to mention they start at 5 grand less. Thats a lot of room for mods.
  16. Compare it to other v6's that start under 20 grand, maybe that will make you reconsider a little bit. There are a lot of v6 cars that stock to stock will kill the mustang coupe, but none of them start that cheap. The closest is the new eclipse v6, and it starts at 25k (mustang gt territory).

  17. oh come on!! get off your high and mighty GT throne! what is it about some GT owners that give you this attitude.(i have owned the 4cy,6cy and the 8cy)frankly i grow tired of it.
    it doesnt defeat the purpose its an affordable great looking quick vehicle.when was the last time a boss was made or a shelby(i know its about to be produced)
    how the hell can you hate a Stang regardless of engine size geez, get over yourself and quit being an ass!!!
  18. ok, kevin had more nerve than me haha, but ya. My 05 v6 was (not anymore) quicker in the quarter mile than my 01 gt automatic. the quickest it ran at the track was 15.4 until i put the NOSzle system on it.
  19. Okay I would like to see more engine options in the Mustang for example I like the Mustangs from years ago when you could get a 200 cu, 302 cu, 351, or 390. You could have an engine to fit your needs. You have the 200 for city driving and a couple different V8's depending on what you wanted out of the car. A 302 offered V8 power but lighter car and then the big blocks 351 and 390 for the drag kings. As far as the V6 goes, you need to have it in the line of Mustangs especially now a days with gas prices. If Ford didn't have the V6 they would have to make the V6 more affordable. The V6 is a great car and is meant for everyone, not everyone wants to drag or race. The Mustang originated as an economy car/sports car with a 200, 260, and a 289. Ford tries to keep the economy car/sports car appeal with the V6, they have been doing it for over forty years and it works why change something that makes money?
  20. Considering that the first Mustang was a 4-cylinder(rear engine prototype) a 6-cylinder is actually closer to the original.