Ford Carlisle 2012

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  1. i've got some parts waiting that i'm going to work on this weekend. i had the car out this week and it made me want to get back into working on it. i have to call my paint guy and setup a time :D
  2. Can't wait to see the new look!

    I can't wait to see my car sitting on the ground and running, lol.
  3. i have been working on my coupe but it still wont be done in time so i'll be bringing one of the other cars
  4. bump! how's everyone making out? anyone register yet?
  5. i'm registered i did that a long time ago
  6. ill be up friday and maybe sunday... we have a race saturday or id be up all weekend
  7. Im all set, sittin shotgun this year, cars under the knife again and wont be out till mid summer. Looks like Ill have nothing to do but take pics this year lol
  8. that's awesome and sucks at the same time Rich.
  9. What are you doing Rich?
  10. Im going!! but Ill have the truck along. hoping to find a lot of good deals. Car isn't exactly show worthy right now. I still have a lot to do, but next year's show is my deadline!!!
  11. you took the words right out of my mouth! Target date for mine is the weekend of the 19th.
  12. Stroking , boosting , narrowing and finally finishing this thing up once and for all. Target date carlisle 2013. lol
  13. More CI is always nice, are you still going to run the NO2?
  14. Figured I'd bump this guys.

    Dropped my car off at a shop yesterday for a couple finishing touches that I couldn't do in my garage (trans/clutch and completely new exhaust) and to get tuned, so I'm semi-officially in for Carlisle (semi-officially because you never know what might happen, lol)

    How about everyone else?
  15. start up for mine is this weekend. Was not able to get the weekend off this past weekend. Have the exhaust modifications done during the week. Have all the parts that I need and the fluids. Just a matter of installing all the exhuast system and hopefully that it runs.
  16. Sweet, I don't think I've ever met you/seen your car in person so it'll be cool to add another person to the crew.
  17. I wont be able to get it tuned until after the show, Id love to make it down but its not a trip I want to make on an untuned new combo that I just (hopefully) got running. Wont be able to get it tuned until the week after the show.
  18. i had mine out yesterday i have some work to do the fox swap is not cooperating

  19. as with most projects there is not much cooperation
  20. mine is currently in the body shop for it's new goodies. didn't get the methonal injection done this year like i had planned on but at least the big change will be done.