FRPP Hot Rod Cams Installed

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  1. I have been trying for months to get these cams and they are finally in. Gains are 47 RWHP and 22 RWTQ. These are a little inflated because the final pull was to 6200 and the baseline was only to 6000 rpms. The curve shows the hp still increasing at 6200. Needless to say I am thrilled about the power gains and the car sounds really mean too. I didn't gain anything down low but at least I didn't lose anything. The gains start to kick in just over 3000 rpms. I will post the sheet when I get a chance. Keep in mind that my car had a canned tune from Brenspeed prior to the install so part of the gains could be from having a custom tune as well. The tuner did say that he was very impressed with the Brenspeed tune though, I guess the A/F was nearly perfect the whole way.

    Thanks to Bill and the rest of the guys at Mongillo Motors. Great guys who do incredible work.
  2. Did you have to get new springs or any additional headwork done for these?
  3. Awesome. After nitrous, these are my next purchase. Can't wait.

    Walter, springs are not needed with the Hot Rod cams. They only increase the lift by 1 mm.
  4. Funny you should mention that, nitrous is next on my list.

    You are correct about the springs, the only parts that went in my car were the cams, 2 new cam phaser bolts, new valve cover gaskets, and stock valve covers that I painted ahead of time.
  5. Cool! how do you think that affects gas mileage and reliability?
  6. A little too early to tell but so far it looks like I have picked up between 2.5 - 3 mpg. This is a new product so reliability is a big question mark at this point.
  7. You're getting BETTER gas mileage?!?

    If so.... SOLD!
  8. Wait a second, you're not saying that during the baseline at 6,000 RPMs you were still gaining more rwhp, are you?

    I've been wanting to get these in my car for a while. Keep us updated. I want to know about gas mileage and reliability.
  9. So... in theory if you built some insanely strong bottom end with all forged components and did some killer headwork to get the car spinning to 8K you'd still be gaining power.
  10. Very cool, what did it run you on labor?

    Also can you provide a sound/video clip? :D
  11. For those that may be interested...

    I purchased my FRPP Hot Rod Cams from JPC Racing. He had them in stock when I bought them a couple of weeks ago. I had them installed by a local Ford Dealership (Cross Roads Ford, Cary NC.)

    The cam price was close to $800 like everyone else is stating. The outcome and the installation cost is below. Note the prices below are for labor unless specified otherwise. The only other item that I had engine performance wise is a BBK CAI that is not listed below.

    Torque was fairly flate starting at 280+ at 2800 rpm and peaked at 313.0 around 4200-4400 rpm range and did not taper too bad. Bottom torque fell to 250 at 6300 rpm.

    HP was about 150 at around 2800 then peaked at 302.5 at about 5200 rpm. HP did not fall below 300 through 6300 rpm.

    Mods that were added this round and the install prices (labor only) were:
    FRPP Hot Rod Cams - $337.50 (Plus $125 for sensor part that I did not supply.)
    BBK Ceramic Polished Shorty Headers - $375
    Steeda Red Powder Coated Valve Covers - Included in cams above
    Steeda UDP - $112.50
    FRPP 3.73 Gears - $487.50
    Dyno tune $250 and used my SCT X3 Tuner

    Sound clip can be located at:
    YouTube - FRPP Hot Rod Cams - 2007 Foose Mustang

    Dyno attached.

    Hope this information is useful. I have posted this in the other forum that I belong to.

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  12. so it was about $1,200 bucks for cam+labor more or less?

    and run it at the track curious of ur 1/4 mile time even though ur a vert :D
  13. Sounds great! did you need a special tune to run the Cams?

    I mean does it have to be adjusted or would my standard tune from brenspeed 93 octane work w/ the cams? Just curious.

    I want to get a cam someday but gonna have to wait awhile ; ) $$
  14. I had Doug's tune from Bama originally specifically purchased for my set up with these cams. I was out of town and at basically the mercy of what I was being told by the dealer. They said I needed a dyno tune and that Doug's tunes were off. I don't know but wanted the car ready when I got back so went with it. They later told me the AFR was way off and the final numbers that I received this morning after just speaking with them was an AFR of 13.3 @ 29 degrees timing.

    The shop told me that was the best they could get without detonation. This makes me wonder if I could have gotten a little more had the car had 93 octane when they did the dyno. I am sure the car had mid grade when it was taken in for the cam install.

    So if you are thinking overall cost then consider $800 for cams, $340 install, also note that I had $125 in a sensor that I suspect was replaced just as matter of practice since the car only has a total of 2000 miles on it... plus add the cost of a tuner ($380) plus the dyno ($250). So my cost was more like $1700 - $1800 range. Your cost may be a little less without the tuner and sensor.
  15. whats this sensor part you talk about ? : <
  16. Not sure, just saw it on the itemized bill from the Ford Dealership next to the installation price for the cams.
  17. Has anyone watched or swapped these cams them selves. I'm just wondering if the cams can be swapped without taking apart the front of the engine.
  18. There is a article in mod mustangs where they did a cam swap. You do have to take off the front part of the engine, or at least they did in the write up.
  19. MikeysOTP, so what are your final numbers? Do you have a before and after graph? I'll bet your car has a lot more torque at 6200 than before the cams, I'd be interested in seeing that.

    MylocalDJ, you should have your car checked on another Dyno, your numbers look low for your mods. Your car should be closer to 350 than 300.
  20. Here's the install guide. Removal of the front of the engine is not needed, from what I can tell.
    Ford Service Manuals - IN-VEHICLE REPAIR

    FWIW, Brenspeed actually drops the engine for cams that require spring replacement.