FS: HBH's 2003 Sonic Blue Cobra, 10K miles, 700+ HP, FULLY BUILT FRONT TO BACK!

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  1. FS: HBH's 2003 Sonic Blue Cobra, 10K miles, 700+ HP, FULLY BUILT FRONT TO BACK!

    2003 Ford Mustang Cobra
    Sonic Blue exterior
    Charcoal interior
    10,2XX miles

    -This was Hermann Stolzenberg's (owner and operator of Horsepower By Hermann in MD) personal car.

    -This was THE first Terminator that was equipped with his factory looking 4R70W conversion.

    This car has nothing but the best parts in it.
    No corners cut and no expenses spared.
    There is easily over $40,000 in modifications done to the car.
    Car is not gutted, still has A/C, heat, all power options.....
    I drive it any day that its not raining.
    It idles like a rock and drives nice and smooth, this is not a track only car by any means.
    This is a 9 second capable car that can be driven anywhere at anytime......

    No lower offers considered, no comments about the price, or about the economy, or KBB prices, or any other BS at all PLEASE.

    Location is Southern NJ 08091

    Email: [email protected]

    Price: $28,500 FIRM......read it again: FIRM

    Preemptive warning:
    If you offer anything below my posted price, I will:
    A) if its a good day, ignore you
    B) if its a bad day, probably send you an expletive filled email regarding your lack of reading comprehension
    You now have fair warning......lol

    Considering trades for the following:

    ***99-04 Lightning- FULLY BUILT - plus cash to me -
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    ***C5 Z06- with MODS - plus cash to me -
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    ***Trailblazer SS- FULLY BUILT
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    ***C6- MODS preferred
    F/S 06 Daytona Sunset Orange Cpe, Mods, 3LT - Corvette Forum

    I will be very picky when and if it comes to trades, this is a really spectacular car and I will only trade for the same type of vehicle.
    Cared for, meticulously maintained, super clean, well planned and installed mods, proven power, and the lower the mileage the better......

    I CAN NOT and WILL NOT put any cash up for any trades, just an FYI right off the bat.
    I also probably will not be able to travel more than a few hours out to do anything so keep this in mind please.


    CP pistons 9.5:1 compression ratio
    Manley Billet rods
    Stock Cobra crank
    Ported heads, new stainless valves, lightweight springs, etc
    (Motor built by Al Pappito aka Boss 330)
    ARP hardware throughout including head studs
    6lb lower pulley
    3.4" upper pulley (also includes 3.1" upper pulley)
    K&N 12" filter
    SCT BA2800 MAF
    Billetflow TB
    Metco idler bracket with 90mm pulleys
    Canton 7qt pan

    Power Adder:
    Kenne Bell 2.8H polished twin screw

    PA 4r70w
    PI 3500 triple disc Lockup Stall converter
    PI manual valve body
    Electronic Over Drive
    Chromoly driveshaft

    8.8 SRA
    Shortened 3/4" each side
    3.73 gears
    Eaton posi, upgraded
    Moser 31 spline axles

    UPR Chromoly tubular K-member
    UPR Chromoly tubular control arms
    Strange 10 way adjustable front struts
    QA1 250lb 14" coil over springs
    Global West caster/camber plates
    Wilwood 6 piston front brakes with drilled/slotted 13" rotors

    Steeda LCA's
    FMS UCA's
    Eibach springs
    Airbags on both sides
    Wilwood 4 piston rear brakes with drilled/slotted 12" rotors

    Fuel System:
    60lb injectors
    Return style fuel system
    Aeromotive A1000 pump
    Sumped tank
    Aeromotive 100 and 10 micron filters
    10an line tank to pump,
    8 an pump to engine,
    6an regulator return to tank
    Aeromotive regulator
    CPR fuel rails

    Bassani mid-length headers
    Bassani OR X-pipe
    Magnaflow Catback

    Charcoal/Graphite 2004 seats
    6pt Chromoly rollbar w/ removeable door bars
    NHRA legal 5pt harnesses
    Autometer Cobalt Fuel Pressure, Water Temp and Boost gauges
    Raptor LED shift light

    Front- 18x9 Saleen chrome reps, 275/40/17 Summitomo
    Rear- 18x10 Saleen chrome reps, 305/35/18 Nitto DR's
    Saleen chrome center caps
    MM 1" billet aluminum spacers in rear (for flush offset)

    AFCO Dual Pass Heat Exchanger
    Mark VIII fan
    Extra Spal pusher fan for radiator
    Dual trans coolers
    Larger radiator
    Aeromotive fuel pump controller
    Aluminum NHRA legal battery box
    Global West Full length subframe connectors
    NGK7 spark plugs
    Diablosport Predator tuner
    180 amp alternator
    ARP extended studs on all 4 corners
    Aluminum radiator overflow reservoir
    Vortech intercooler reservoir

    -717rwhp/700tq on 3.1" pulley through 4R70W
    (dyno by Hermann, no sheet but he will back up numbers)
    -Car made 565rwhp (dyno by Radical Racing) through the 4R70W on the 3.4" pulley and a straight pump gas tune with lower timing, aka street tune
    [email protected] with only a 1.59 60ft on 20lb pulley
    (run by Hermann with same setup but a 2.8, before the 2.8H went on)
    -Compression test done 1/26/09- 148-154 on all cylinders
    -Leakdown test (same date) came back at 0% on all cylinders

    Other notes:
    -The trans was just gone through and anything worn was replaced. Has less than 1000 miles on it since refreshed.
    -One small crack in the "cup" where you hold door to close it. There are also a few scratches on the door panels from the seatbelts hitting against the cage and panels.
    -Car also is just about covered in 3M protective clear bra. Entire front bumper, as well as all the way down bottom of fenders, doors, fenders, rear 1/4 panels all covered to save it from rock chips.
    -Car is setup and wired for Sirius radio.

    (FYI: New hood has been put on and it NO LONGER has the hood pins, I also got a new PS taillight and got rid of the power ON/OFF post that went through it.
    New clear bra is being installed on front bumper, will get new pics if needed in a few days, but it looks the same except for those two items mentioned)


    View attachment 236689

    A couple short vids:
    (Still had hood pins and power cutoff switch in these fwiw)

    Walk around and idle
    YouTube - 03 Sonic Blue 9K mile 700HP Cobra......walk around

    Testing the line lock and the tranbrake :D :
    YouTube - 03 Sonic Blue 9K mile 700HP Cobra......testing line lock and transbrake. :D
  2. ......I have had a few people try to throw trades my way that were not on my "list"....

    I honestly would have no issue taking something else on trade, but in the end, especially if its not something I want to keep, it has to be worthwhile for me to take on trade.
    AKA- I need to get enough cash out of the trade/car I take in to make $28.5K and to do it fairly quickly.

    There are some nice cars out there, but if they are not what I am looking for, I have to look at it in terms of "what can I get for this car by selling it" so I can go out and get what I actually want next.
    Just a heads up, as I am not out to insult anyone....but I have to get my asking price out of the deal one way or the other.

  3. Pics from today, don't mind the dirt, I have been driving it quite a bit the last 2 days...
    Current mileage is 10,454
    (You can see that the hoodpins are gone and on/off post is gone)

  4. Possible trade in the works, if anyone wants to make a move or offer up anything else, do it soon.....
  5. Car is GONE!! Thanks for all the offers.
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