Roush GA Meet and greet?

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by 88-378, Apr 9, 2008.

  1. Roswell Hooters on Holcomb Bridge saturday? Lunch?
  2. That is possible. My Mustang Club is doing a track day Saturday but if I don't go which it looks like I'm not, I could meet there. If it's raining, I'll be in the Escort wagon.
  3. Looks like rain all weekend. if so, let's do it another time. No sense having a meet and greet without the cars!
  4. Besides, i need to see what you all have done and get some ideas..
  5. you're always welcome out at the house to the "Saleen Garage" ;-)
  6. Cool. I'll take you up on that.

    I need to find out what to do with the engine as that is the only thing left to redo.
  7. Just give me a shout and come on over.
  8. George, do you know when the rain is supposed to come in? looks nice out now!
  9. I just looked at weatherbugs radar and it looks that the main part of the rain is still on the west side of Alabama, but my guess would be later this evening. Give a shout if you want, 770-617-8436
  10. 88-378

    Was that you I saw cruising with the top down on Exit 13 at 400 this afternoon?
  11. Yep! I don't think I saw you though, i would have noticed. where you in your car?
  12. No we were in a Range Rover, we just came from Pike Nursery...

    I passed you going over the bridge on 400.

    Your car sure was turning some heads though :D
  13. Cool!

    So i assume you played in the yard this weekend?

    I actually went back to the house and started on my 8'X12' garden. got it all tilled up with fresh topsoil and we'll plant the veggies and stuff this week.
  14. I was helping a friend get out of a garage sale, it seemed like a good excuse for the guys to get away for a few hours!
  15. Bart, you know you can always come out my way to get away from any unwanted adventures. :)