1. :mad: Looks like gas is headed for $3. a gallon again.
    Does anybody even care? With summer coming up soon, mabey $4. a gallon.
  2. Wow, it's almost $4 a gallon out here already. I guess were a little ahead of the curve heh.
  3. Out here its been floating around $2.50 a gal. OMFG $4. Me + 4.10s+new heads and cams=:owned:
  4. Think about it though. There's not much you can do about it. If it goes up to 4$ a gallon, you are still going to buy it aren't you? You have to. How would you get to work? I've come to realize that no matter how high it gets, I still have to buy it so I don't even bother complaining anymore, even though it really blows.
  5. i drive less when it gets really expensive... but i spend more on my computer haha
  6. same here. people truly dont understand how much of an anal raping we have to take out here in nazifornia. its been well over $3 for a pretty long while now.
  7. Ill probaly buy a sports bike if it gets to that point, maybe sell my 4x4. SC summers are nice riding weather.
  8. What I love about these gas threads is the guys who come in and brag about how their work gives them a gas card and they do not pay for any gas :mad:

    Should be one around any minute now...
  9. Funny you should say that KT...

    J/K I pay for my own gas:notnice:
  10. you can always deduct it from your taxes :shrug:

    if its over a certain mileage
  11. Maybe I should just buy a gas station ... Then take the profits from ripping people off and fill up my car for free every week !!! .. Hmmmmmm :nice:
  12. yup here in Cali its been over 3 bucks for a while :nonono:
  13. 92 grade just rose to $3.03 a gallon in the past few days. I don't really drive that much. Everything I need or do is within afew miles. I go down to Tacoma every now and then, but not that often. But it still sucks to see it that high when I do fill up. $20 buys a half tank. :notnice:
  14. Hmm. Looks like it's time to dust off the old Vespa again. Otherwise I will never be able to afford a Kenne Bell.
  15. It's not all that bad in my area currently. Hopefully it'll stay near where it is and never get over 2.60
  16. You can only deduct mileage if it is used for work.

    Besides if you own any car with a V8 you have no right to complain about gas mileage and prices. :)
  17. lol damn i'm glad i live 1.6 miles away from work. looks like i'm going to be riding a bike to work more often : )
  18. damn, i'm glad my company pays for my gas lol... but that is only in my company car. the mustang is on my buck.
  19. isnt that what KT was talking about?
  20. I'm still loving it. It was $10 a gallon last time I was back in England. Made me realize how lucky we are!