Geting Ready To Start On My 69 Shelby Replica -et Five Spokes?

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  1. IMG_2768.JPG IMG_2767.JPG IMG_2766.JPG the front suspension made it in today. i was going to go with TCP but i got a heck of a deal on a
    Aero Form kit,almost half price. QA1 shocks and fully adjustable every where. with what i saved i can buy a Borgeson power box .
    it has been atleast 12 years since i have had a finnished car of my own. always building one for some one else and putting mine aside ,it looks like it is realy going to happen this time.
  2. i bet you didnt notice in these pics what i just noticed did you? how do you mount the bottom of the shock to the lower controll arm? thats right ,the lower shock brackets were not in the kit, ding dand damn. sent an email :nonono: it just never fails does it?:bang:
  3. my email was answered ,the lower shock mounts are on there way. as long as they are on there way it is no big deal ,i am not ready to install the suspension right this minuet. its a good idea to open your parts packages the second you get them incase somthing is missing,it happens. if you wait a few weeks or months you may not be so lucky.
  4. the grill trim made it in today, i sure don't see $450 wort of any thing there.its a nice piece but were is the gold ? it does have mounting tabs on the back, the dog food tub in the back...that may be my dinner for the next few nights.:( IMG_2777.JPG IMG_2778.JPG
  5. IMG_2785.JPG IMG_2788.JPG IMG_2790.JPG IMG_2792.JPG IMG_2793.JPG IMG_2794.JPG IMG_2795.JPG IMG_2796.JPG UPS showed up at my door today:banana: more parts! the wheels ,lug nuts,grill,grill support,grill emblem, hood locks,and traction masters, and all the hood and fender opening screens all came would not believe how heavy the wheels are. i am going to make a pattern for the grill the opening screens and the grill support, i can make those pieces no problem. the washers they used for spacing on the traction masters have to go. i will make a one piece spacer the washers are tacky looking
  6. i took all the washers out of the traction masters and made spacers .i guess its cheaper to use washers than make a spacer? now doesnt that look better? the paint looks like spray can so i think i will glass bead them and epoxy paint them. it looks like the wheel caps are on back order and so are the duct hoses for the rear brakes so i have to wait for them. IMG_2797.JPG IMG_2798.JPG IMG_2800.JPG IMG_2801.JPG
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  7. i managed to steel a couple hours to work on the 69 today. i fit the grill. not to bad but it did need a little triming .and it looks like it will need a little more.the grill is made of expanded screen and it has sharp little barbs all around the edges ,wouldn't want to try to wash the car with those sharks teeth .i will have to grind them off. the very expensive trim that goes in the grill broke at the joint where it was tack welded together but i don't think that will hurt anything because it has a mounting pin on either side of the joint so it should pull back together when attached. the bracket that holds the grill to the hood latch supports mounting holes were about a 1/2 inch to low , so i had to redrill them but it looks like it fits well now. the edges of the grill do not bolt to any thing they just slip under the headlight trim rings. once the rings are tight so is the grill. i get a bit more time i will fit the traction masters,they have to be welded to the rear torque boxes with the rear housing set at ride heigth. IMG_2928.JPG IMG_2929.JPG IMG_2930.JPG
  8. finally starting my Shelby work back up, found a different guy, right in my town, great price, does great work. Supposed to be done with all the body work by May.
  9. thats great ,i would like to see it finnished. i am stock piling parts right now .i am very close to having every thing, except a buddy seems to have wandered off with my 4 speed .i will have to hunt down another close ratio i guess.i am so close to painting i just need the time
  10. i ordered Willwood disk brakes for the front ,supposed to be here wed .of next week. my front spindles were special order on my 69 ,they are set up with 2 1/2 inch drum brakes .i didnt think about it but it turns out the ball joints and end bearing are the larger 70 type .i should have checked before i ordered ,i ordered for standard 69 spindles. good thing i had another set of 69 spindles.they glass beaded very nice ,would have rather had the larger spindle but live and learn.i also ordered a
    1 1/8 front sway bar . poor old 35 ford being uses for parts storage,i plan on painting it the same color as the 69 and using it to tow the 69 to shows and events.its done except for interior and paint IMG_2957.JPG IMG_2959.JPG
  11. a friend of mine just did a pro g suspension under his 68 mustang .the suspension that was under the car had less than 100 miles on it .he gave me the rear leafs and the rear KYB gass adj.shocks .the leafs are 4 leaf but because i will not be running a rear seat i think the less weight will be perfect with the 4 leaf ,i can always add a half leaf if i need it. a sway bar and rear disks and i will have every thing for the rear axle assembly. and i will be ordering that soon. IMG_2960.JPG
  12. cool ,message on my answer machine says my disk brakes made it in today. i ordered stainless brakes hoses and they made it in also.been working my rear off the last few days and a long day today so i couldn't pick them up today ,i think i will take tomarrow off .two weeks without a day off is a little to much so i am going to pick them up tomarrow. may be i will order a borgeson power box while i am at it.
  13. it is so nice to have a day just for me no one around just me. i picked up my Willwood 4 calliper disk brake kit 11 inch rotors. had to go 11s to clear the 15 inch wheels. went with the black callipers, aluminum hubs vented disks ,a lot of pieces to this kit .i think i will assemble the whole spindle assembly then bolt it in as a unit when i am ready. the braided line kit comes with all the fittings needed . the 1 1/8 Hellwig sway bar is made in Visalia ca. just about 20 miles from me. i realy like the finnish ,it is like a heavy hammer tone. the guys at Stang-aholics have been using this powder coat on all the suspension parts and i realy like it it realy looks great on the rear end housings .i will do mine the same way. damn, forgot to order the Borgeson box .just a phone call i guess. IMG_2981.JPG IMG_2979.JPG IMG_2980.JPG
  14. i already gave in a bought the shelby wheels ,call it pier pressure:rlaugh:no the shelby wheels are pretty nice .the rims are about double thickness of the regular steel rims i think you would have a heck of a time bending one.
  15. got the disks all assembled . nothing difficult,had to shim the callipers as normal. the kit comes with shims. packed all the bearings,make sure you use disk brake grease it is higher temp than regular grease. keep grease off the disks it will ruin the pads instantly.also clean the disks with a good brake cleaner you do not want to contaminate the pads. make sure you grease the rear seal it will burn if you dont. the bigest problem i had was the bolts are torques bolts and the socket set i had was junk. they were hollow:nono: twisted off the ends of both size sockets before they would torque to proper settings . went to home depot and bought a set of Husky torques sockets ,worked perfectly. IMG_2987.JPG IMG_2986.JPG
  16. i ordered the borgeson steering box kit today. it comes with the box,hosses and pump and the rag joint. it is going to take a week or two before it comes in
    we are getting a few orders up to knock the shipping charges down. i think i will order the rear disk brake kit tomarrow . probably the SVO kit with emergency brakes. and i also want to order a wilwood double disk brake master cylinder. soon as the weather straightens out ,been cold and rainy ,i will start block sanding and paint prep .once painted i can start putting all this expensive parts in the car .
  17. sent out the order for the borgeson kit today ,we managed to get a big enough collective order that the shipping will be free:nice: saved enough on the last few part i orderded that i even ordered a new shelby steering wheel for my 35 ford truck .
  18. here it is ,dynod at just a smidge over 500 hp. 1969 351 windsor. 292 comp solid lift cam. edelbrok heads completly re worked. ported ,polished ,CCd ,port matched. roller rockers, studes and guide plates ,swirl flow valves. the block has been stress relieved and polished inside for quick oil return . oil restrictor kit instaled. eagle rods, trw forged pistons, 11-1. going to need race gass. crank has been debured. oil holes chamfered. journals polished .10 x.10 clevite bearings ,full groved mains ,balanced blue printed with fellpro gaskets .yeah there is a few $$$ sitting here. the intake is an edelbrok performer rpm. not my first choise but i dont think anything else will clear the shelby hood? the holley has been completly reworked, accelerator pump has been replaced with green alcohol pump .adjustable secondary diaphram, it is a 750 re jeted . i have a stock fuel pump to run it right now but in the car it will be a holley electric with holley filter canister, trunk mounted. the ignition is MSD, chiped at 7 grand and it hits it easily. had to put my spin techs on, way way to loud .neighbors no liky :( . i have a short video of it running if i can figure out how to load it. IMG_3041.JPG IMG_3042.JPG
  19. how do i place a short vidio in my thread? vidios for dummies ,step by step. from my vidios . uh in english please .vidio virgin here:scratch: