girl needing electrical help :(

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  1. :lol: +1.... i get hypnotiZed!
  2. I agree... I don't think that the power are proportional to size either. I think that shape and firmness are what generates their special abilities.

    Some even loose their power if they are fully revealed.

    I guess that it should read: The perception of their shape and firmness are what generates their special abilities.

  3. Just wait till you get the chance to see a REAL one! :rlaugh:
  4. who do you think your talken to ryan ?.. im not wet behind the ears son,..
  5. HAHAHAHAH.... you're the definition of "wet behind the ears". You just hide it better than Ryan. LOL
  6. Are you kidding me ? i get more @$$ then a tolite seat!
  7. LOL... you take all these desparate ladies back to your room at mom's house then raid her fridge for candles and spaghettios? :rlaugh:
  8. ive been with the same girl for 3 years!...
  9. so its not all these desparate ladies back to my room at mom's house.. its just one! im not a hore...
  10. well if you ask my boss if boobs have magical powers he can confirm it cause when a certain coworker wears low cut tops the productivity as a collective whole is down on the account of those voluptious mounds.
  11. i sware to god i think my mom gets on here, this is the 3rd time shes rat'ed me out today!
  12. im on here all day... and still wouldnt amaze me if she got on here while i was sleeping feeding you guys all this info!
  13. Yeah... she wants us to use the information to beat on you so that you get out of the house and get a job. :p
  14. So really... the question at hand is... Is your mom a MILF? :D
  15. C'MON man thats my mom!... you LOCK it up~!:lock:

    you wanna see a pic ?
  16. :worthlesb
  17. Mmmm brown bagging
  18. ** pissing myself! **