girl needing electrical help :(

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  1. Ya know, i used to be all about the who-who's, but not so much anymore. Now (for me) its more about the eyes, the teeth, smile, and shes GOT to have sexy feet.

    i guess im wierd, but thats what does it for me these days. :shrug:
  2. Im an ass man myself
  3. ^ times 2~!

  4. Holy jumped up Jesus on a cracker!!!! You could parallel park a car between the gap in those teeth!!!! God damn can you imagine the size of her toothbrush!!!
  5. I don't mind bad teeth as long as she doesn't smile.

    It's like ***** I said :) not :D!!!

  6. Im serious, her yearly checkups probably include having a floor buffer by the dentists chair.
  7. :lol:
  8. haahahaha
    shes hot tho....
    and heeeyyy
    maybe she has nice feet?

  9. There are certain instances where i dont care how nice of feet she has, and there is NO amount of alcohol that would make me think differently.... god that picture gives me the heebie jeebies!
  10. I hate feet period. No amount of cuteness to them unless your 2 years old.

    dznrroses how's your grill :shrug:

  11. im always weary of girls who dont smile in pictures for reasons you are well aware of my man. :D
  12. I am aware...

    I think we should be given a better picture :shrug:

    Next to a pool :D

  13. Of Jello
  14. Lime flavored
  15. in the shape of Easter Eggs....Strype..have you seen the Easter Eggs Jello mold??

    That thing is effin awesome!
  16. ew
    yall are sickos
    lemme go tell my butler to take the water out of our pool and fill it with jello.....stand by....
    *yells* chives!!!!!!! chives????
  17. did you sit on santas lap this year and tell him what you want ?