Got My Christmas Present!!!

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by 94GTLaserRC, Dec 6, 2003.

  1. Brad, for removal only.
  2. Also, when you do get some air tools, don't forget the air tool oil( I like PB blaster brand). Oil your tools and run them once a week(min) or at each use. I do industrial maint for a living so trust me, this is a must to keep your air tool in good shape. I have a C & H die grinder that I have had for 10 years and it is still going strong. A die grinder is a cheap must have!!!!! Also, drain your tank pretty often to get the moisture out so it wont rust.

  3. Air tools are for girls!!! :rlaugh: :banana: :uzi: :jester:

    Just don't be like Garth and put streak in your rear fender.
  4. And cleaning the gunked gasket off the lower.

    About the oil...Yeah, I didnt know anything about that, but I DID READ the instructions and it does say that. Youre comment reinforces it now.

    So far I got a 3/8" air wrench. It is pretty heavy and cost me $40, so I guess it's a good one...50 ft/lb tq. I will wait on the gun until I need it.

    What pisses me off is that NO tools come with the connectors. I guess you have to have a good supply of them.

  5. RIO: LOL, yea there's a big learning curve when "driving" it. It's way overpowered.
    Believe it or not i've lightly ported and polished the cylinder and added a K&N air filter to it too. The weird thing is that the porting and polishing didn't make it much faster because now all it does is spin the wheels like mad! :nice:

    RC: Try looking at harbor freight tools. Sometimes you can get a crap load of connectors from them for next to nothing. Same goes for ebay. :banana:

  6. Yea he's right Harbour Freight is where I got all my connectors. They were like 20 cents each. I bought a bag full just in case. I also bought my Ingersol Rand 90 Degree die grinder with to sizes and 8 grinding stones for $49. Harbour Freight stuff is cheap so becareful what you buy. I did buy there pneumatic cut off tool for $10 though and it works good (25,000 rpm) for what I paid for it.
  7. :D Squint lest you be blinded by my........Air compressor!

    Great gift man now just make sure your cars shares it with your wifes navigotor :p Oh and by the way i think you should chrome out the air compressor :rlaugh:
  8. AWESOME IDEA! :nice:

    Joe, does that place have a website, or is it a store to go in?

  9. They have both. Go to the website and see if they have on in your area. In the last two months they opened 3 around me.

    Your closest one might be here.
    18401 S. DIXIE HWY #18439 786-242-0068

    The one off of 441 and Atlantic Ave is closest to me (Ft. Lauderdale).