Got My Saleen SC Wheels

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  1. :rlaugh: i was wondering if i was the only one who noticed the gnarly linoleum floor.

  2. Its carpet in my parents basement :D

    Thats why I went with 17x9 I thought the 17x8s looked to flat too

    I have some rubbing to, on the front lower part of the fender well, Im going to do something to make it work, not sure how yet. They also will hit the control arm at full lock, but I have some rack limiters coming to fix that problem.

    How do you install rack limiters, it cant be that hard but Ive never seen or read how its done?
  3. My 17x10s are on there way and my 17x9 :D, now all I have to do is get is some rear tires.
  4. hey i was wondering did u have to get rid of ur quad shocks to get the rear one's in ??? because i want to get those but i heard u have to to make them fit???
  5. Im not sure yet I havnt got them, they are on there way. But Ive heard you have to get rid of them but, Ill see when I get them.
  6. I got my 17x10s.

    I have a problem with my front 17x9s though, when I turn the front wheels they hit the front edge of the fender extension by like 1/4 of an inch. Anybody else have this problem? Anybody have any ideas to help my problem? Im thinking about trimming it but Im not sure.

    Im been also looking around for some tires 285/40/17.
    Anybody ever run Cooper Zeon 2xs?
    How did you like them?
    Ive also been looking at some kumho escta spt and kumho escta asx.
  7. mine do that too, im still running the stock 89 fenders though. it looks like the 91-93 fenders and extensions should clear them though (wider right in this area). you may be able to trim the fender and run the newer extensions too (dont know if they mount differently or not).
  8. Thats what mine does as well I'm pretty sure, going to take some pics today.
  9. It would be nice if you guys could post some pics!!

  10. I'm going to get some tomorrow, Im going to school in Illinois and I will be going home tomorrow to Iowa to work on my car.
  11. Here are some pics, only one wheels though, I have some rear tires ordered and I haven't mounted my tire on my 17x9, Im just going to wait and have them all mounted at the same time.





    Heres my rubbing problem (I have some 245/45/17s on my truck rims, I might switch to)



  12. Wow you can barely turn the wheel with out hitting.... are you using the stock K-member? why are you running 255/45's?
    I run sn95 spindles 17x9 255/40 tire in the front on my 87 and mine only hit at full lock. i used a couple steering spacers to avoid this problem. Seems like you are going to have to cut the inner wheel well.
  13. The first thing that popped out to me is that those sidewalls on those tires look huge. They don't even look like a 255/45. Maybe you should try your trucks 245/45s. The difference in brand may even allow it to fit.
  14. how many inches is ur hood
  15. Yeah I still have the stock k member, Im trying 255/45s because I got a pair for $100, I have a pair of 245/45s Kumho MXs (there on my truck rims) that im probably going to try. I have some steering spacers to because they hit the back of the control arm.

    3inch H.O. Fibertrends
  16. wow...those tires run huge!....rims look great though!!
  17. Heres the difference between my 245/45/17 Kumho MX on left and my 255/45/17 Goodyear Eagle F1 on the right. There is quite a difference, I think its enough to fix my rubbing problem, I'm barely rubbing with the 255s

  18. Could you measure the center cap? Also, do you think a set of those pony center caps from bullit wheels would fit? I am looking at getting these in chrome and I am not sure I like the center cap. Thanks