Got my Shelby yesterday...loved everything except..

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  1. Got my GT500 yesterday (pics included)...loved everything except..

    Got my new daily driver! I absolutely love everything except the exhaust note. It needs a little umph...




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  2. And some polished exhaust tips too!
  3. SOooo Nice! OMG I hate you. but not really. Very cool.
  4. :shrug: WHAT DO YOU DO FOR A LIVING?????
    you have EXPENSIVE cars!!!!:hail2: :hail2: :eek:
  5. :stupid:
  6. Looks like his house is in a tropical location, too.
  7. Beautiful and cool! Kendall is Miami area.
  8. congrats. how much did you overpay?
  9. $15k.

    Nothing like a $55k Mustang. That's getting up close to his Range Rover territory.. aren't those suckers around $60k?

    I'd rather have a C6, or pony up an extra 10k to have a C6 Z06 that's better in every single way.
  10. how do you know?
  11. Couldn't tell what the blue car is in the background. But that shalby is sweet man! Congrats!!! :)
  12. vipeeerrr :nice: :hail2:
  13. Thanks for the warm welcome guys!

    I overpaid 15K... :shrug: that being said , the Z06s are also going for 10-15K over. Finding one for MSRP is extremely difficult. I really wanted this exact Shelby and i needed a daily driver.

    The Blue car in the background is my Super charged Viper (FE coupe Blue/White stripes). it was my daily and the Shelby replaces it :D
  14. Congrats! That's one nice daily!
  15. PINSKI must own a c6 and a cobra gt500. That's the only way one could compare the two cars. Other wise he only speculates . Not only are the cars nice but I'd like to have his camera! lol
  16. i like the driveway
  17. Don't have a GT500, since I haven't found out a way to cultivate a money tree, but I did have the opportunity to drive around in a C6 for a month or so.

    I'd still rather take a sharper handling, quicker accelerating, more fuel efficient and better looking (IMHO) Corvette over the GT500 at even $1 over MSRP. But hey, the GT500 has that exhausted retro look going for it, if that's your bag.

    Because I know ALL... ...and he said that in a different thread.
  18. I think the Shelby is a fair buy at MSRP, the C6 is a fair buy at MSRP (of course, now you can get those all day long for invoice + a few hundred), and the Z06 is a fair buy at MSRP. Both Ford and Chevy are offering good values for the money. It's when people justify paying heavy premiums for the iron that it gets a little weird. The build quality, craftsmanship and materials used in Corvettes and Mustangs aren't exactly premium, so you're basically paying for great performance and engineering on the cheap, and image. I think the factory prices are in-line. After that, it's a circus.

    Comparing a Corvette to a Mustang has always been, and always will be, ridiculous.... All you have to do is pull the outer skins off of both cars, and you see that the Corvette is a race car for the street, and the Mustang is a street car you might be able to race.

    Two different things, and both are admirable and valid within their own right and category and ultimate purpose.

    A sports car can play double-duty in the muscle car league, if it's got enough juice under the hood and enough stoutness in the driveline to offer good drag-racing utility. The Corvette qualifies..

    But a muscle car cannot play in the sports car arena unless it's got the chassis, the packaging, and the physical stats (weight, bias, balance, etc..) to be an effective tool in that discipline. The GT500 does not really qualify. It didn't in 1968, and doesn't now. That's not knocking the car, I just don't understand why people try to make it into something it isn't. It's probably amazing how CLOSE a GT500 may be able to hang with a Corvette on a road course, but..., just take it for what it's worth, it's no sports car, it's no replacement for a sport's car. It's a muscle car, a big 4-seat mega-power open-road bomber.. You can bench race, and play the numbers game all day long. But when you actually DRIVE a Corvette, and then a Mustang, you realize that the experiences behind the wheel are apples and oranges.
  19. Congrats, awesome car, probably gonna at least need a catback and CAI intake on that car. If it's anything like the Terminators it might be a bit plugged up from the factory.

  20. Exactly, couldn't have put it better myself. At $40k, the GT500 is a good deal, great performance bargain. However, when you start charging $10k over MSRP... you move into a different ballpark. Same goes for folks paying way over MSRP to be the first on the block with a C6 Z06. Great car, nearly supercar bargain at $70k, but when prices were around $90-100k? Give me a break.