Got my Shelby yesterday...loved everything except..

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  1. If u have the money to buy it then I don't see the big deal. Yea I think it sux because I can't afford one right now but oh well that's life.
  2. A Z06 is an awesome car but you are dreaming (or real lucky) to get it at MSRP. This thread has sort of turned into a "why did you not buy a corvette" etc.. guys i just wanted to share my Mustang purchase with fellow Mustang lovers.

    So it's not about me or a vette, it is about a GT500, which in my opinon is a bad a$$ car. is it perfect? No way. I do not particularly like the interior and the exhaust sound is a joke. For sticker at $43 it is a great buy for 15K over it falls short. I still love it though :D
  3. Beautiful car, thanks for taking the shots and posting them. How does it handle? Does the front end feel too heavy? Thanks again.
  4. why did you remove your sig???? mk2_gt
  5. That's a Sweet GT500...... :drool:
  6. i wonder if we've run off the new shelby owner???:shrug:
  7. I am still here!

    I removed my sig because it seems if i leave it on then the focus of the conversation turns into my other cars , what i do for a living and what I can afford etc (It happend at the Mustangs forums as well) instead of the focus being on my Stang.

    The hanlding is interesting. With no passengers and about a quarter of a tank it feels absolutely zippy, with a full tank and a passenger the car hits a wall. So in my humble opinion at 3,920 pounds it is pushing the envelope of how a perfromance car should handle, it is still much better than an average car. It has everything else going for it, I love the look and I love the fact I have a 500HP car that is under factory warranty.

  8. Well congrats on the car- Very nice color combination- If I order one I will probably go the same way- I am waiting for the BOSS to see the final results on that as well-

    But the Shelby is very tempting- as it would be cool to have an old and a new one-

    Nice collection of cars by the way too- :flag:
  9. are you going to mod it?
  10. cat back and CAI. Then post vid
  11. Tints, new exhaust (best one?), C-Pillar Louvre, maybe new wheels....what do you guys think?
  12. Tint - Not my bag, but will look sharp either way

    New exhaust - absolutely, but I have no idea who's got the good kits... Just don't make it sound like a redneck's mud truck, as is so common...

    C-pillar louvers - Tacky, tack-on, J.C. Whitney looking trash... If you do that, you may as well have "C'YA" put in big letters in your rear window tint, "2-fast-4-U" in the front tint strip, get one of those chrome chain-link license plate frames, and order up ten or twenty more cobra snakes and Shelby emblems to plaster over every square inch of the car... (can you tell that I don't think much of tack-on busy styling stuff?? ;) )

    New wheels? Only if you're talking about going back with stock diameter. If you're planning on increasing diameter, you:

    1. Foul up the dynamics and ride of the car

    2. Fall into that poser catagory, like all the goofballs out there running dubs on Escalades. It's a fad, and it's on the downslope (thank goodness).

    If you're thinking about going with a rim that will make the car look more serious, then I can give you a thumbs-up on that. I think the stock wheels are fairly attractive though.

    With modifications, especially cosmetic, it's so easy to accomplish the opposite of your goal. Taking a classy looking car, spending a bunch of additional dough, and winding up cheapening the look of it with overwrought cartoonish faddish "stuff".

    Keep it clean and purposeful. A guy wearing a flashy outfit with 5 pounds of gold on his neck and wrists, and a diamond rolex, just looks foolish and vain and desperate. Same goes for cars..

    Love your color choices though, you've got a great start...

    So those are my opinions. You asked!!! :D :D
  13. Hi Ricks, thanks for the input. I think the louvre on the c-pillar looks sharp , in either case, besides tints, I am probably going to leave it alone until I find a good local tuner. So for now, just tints.
  14. Since when was a Mustang ever built to compete with a Vette? :shrug:

    Its a very nice car. Among the greatest Mustangs ever built.

    If you are subscribed to a Mustang forum and say you would rather cruise in a C6 over the GT500... please, walk away from the keyboard.
  15. I was just curious if the racing stripes on the shelbys were stickers or painted on. I have a black 06 GT and am considering silver racing stripes. Those silver stripes look SWEET on that black shelby.
  16. Blacksheep , these are painted on.
  17. That's what I figured, I'm not sure the stick on looks as good.
  18. I want the home !!

    You can take the cars :)
  19. And paint the mufflers flat black. :nice: