Group Purchase for 94-98 Saleen S281 wing?

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  1. Okay, I've just emailed Saleen reference a group buy for the S281 wing, and hopefully they'll get back to me soon enough...

    Where WE come in, naturally, is proving that we want the product. Now, any information I get from Saleen will be posted on here, I've already noted that it says that this spoiler won't fit 94-95 Cobra's, but I'm just that's just saying it won't cover the bolt holes....

    If you are interested in this group buy, for the time being, let me know in this thread, and send me an email at [email protected]. But please put your comments on this thread as well, as it'll be passed to the guys at Saleen. Thanks
  2. I want the s281 wing.
    so if we get a group discount, i'm in.
  3. The email I sent them explained that if I am to get a good number of members interested, we would expect a discounted price, or free shipping, or something for incentive to continue on with the I think we're all good on this one....I hope so anyway :nice:
  4. how about we get the wing at canadian dollars instead? :D


    $199 CDN?

    I'd do that!
  5. WHAT AN IDEA!!! Works for me! When he replies, I'll mention's actually a pretty reasonable discount if we get enough members....

    YOU ROCK DOUG! :hail2:
  6. Depending on the discount I would be interested as well. I have wanted this wing for some time.
  7. Alot of people have been wanting this for a long time...I was talking to Nate on msn earlier, and we realized that we've been talking about it for a long time, but there's never been a group buy for it...

    so we'll try this out, see what numbers we get on both sides, and hopefully make a good deal
  8. Depending on price, I may be in. :)
  9. I might. Depends on the price!

  10. Pm MRaburn and get this aproved. Untill then it's locked.
  11. Aproved so ttt.
  12. Thanks Brandon....if anyone is interested, let me know through email or on here, and i will contact you

    Still waiting on word from saleen
  13. I already have 2 S351 wings but the 281 is pretty sweet so im down. Ill just pull a jr, one for every other month.
  14. wanna give me one of those S351 wings??
  15. for the right price Ill go for it, I have been plannin on gettin one since I got my car.
  16. I'm in depending upon price just keep us informed on the amount cause i would like to have one definately.
  17. Aaron, you may have better luck getting it through a distibutor at a discount than through Saleen. Based on their past practices I highly doubt they'll go for a GP. If it falls through contact Speedworks.
  18. yea cause speedworx is only $189 for theirs right now.
  19. i didnt see but did we find out the price?