gt-500 for 70k?

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  1. Did anyone else buy from this dealership? If so, it may be tough if they are other guys in the same shoes. You're almost dead on with the production number. And there is no official word on how long the Cobra run will be, but general consensus is that it is between a year and two.
  2. Dyoct,
    This dealer get ONLY one car and that's mine. The 7.000+ cars allocation is for all US dealers. Some are going to get 4, some 2, the rest only one. For 2008 there is no word from anybody if they are going to make another prduction run. We'll see. In any case, this car will be hot, at the dealer showroom or on Ebay. When I get the confirmation as to build date ect., I'll test the waters on Ebay to see how much profit I can make, not that I want to sell the car, lets say to start with a reserve of $70.000. We'll see......
  3. I'm thinking the same thing. But, time will tell.
  4. Well that's what I was thinking but that's probably wrong. The dealers will move them for that much. There is no shortage of assclowns who will fork over that much and not think twice about it. rich people... :notnice:
  5. :lol: Right, dealers are going to get a couple of these and not mark them up. What are they going to repremand every dealer, because every dealer will be making them up.
  6. If anyone thinks that "something new" will happen with any Ford dealer they are in deep, deep denial.

    All of these numbers people are throwing around make good interent chatter but until one of these cars hits the showroom floor, it's really anyones guess.

    Eurostyle, if your dealer really sold you a car for 45k, you better check your fine print on your deposit or contract. If every Ford dealer even got only one cars and even one dealer sold that car for MSRP or 5k over invoice, they would have been out of business long ago.

    EVERY Ford dealer, at least in the beginning is going to put the FATTEST price they can on the windshield of this car! I'm not even going to speculate about price, but there is a sucker born every minuete. Who wouldn't? You think even ONE Ford dealer actually has a moral bone on this issue.

    Ford is claiming that they can't make enough new Mustangs for demand and that they have sold hundreds of thousands of them. Where are all of them? I live in Los Angeles and I don't see a new Mustang everyday. And of the new cars I see, only one in 5 are mustang GT's.

    This will be exciting, but also frustrating too becuase I would like to buy one of these cars when they come out but I'm not paying what I think dealers are going to ask when they do hit the floor.

    Be careful what you wish for guys. There are plenty of nuts out there that will give a Ford dealer WAY to much for a Mustang. The original owner of my Saleen S351R-code paid 63k for it new from Jacky Jones Ford. That was August of 1995, exactly 10 years ago this motnh. Adjusted for inflation, that's more like a 80 thousand dollar mustang today. If a dealer gets the right chump on the floor, and no one else has one, that chump will pay whatever they ask. Trust me. It's fact, not fiction.
  7. where did you get the info that all the cars will go to the US? i signed an agreement to purchase back in may for manufacturers MSRP at a dealer in Calgary. here's what he wrote...

    "I don't see how they do it down there, but I know there is
    no chance any Ford dealer in Canada could get away with it....

    For these Shelby's, we will be selling them as MSRP. (T.B.A.)
    On the Offer to Purchase that you will sign, it will state:
    Selling Price: MSRP

    Right now we are left with no idea of allocation....
    The figure batted around is 5000-7500 Shelbys,
    which Canada may see about 10% of those... There are
    approx 25 SVT dealers in Canada, so we are figuring
    about 15 vehicles... (we sold approx 20 cobras last year)"

    if this true, he'll have some explaining to do.
  8. Marcus,
    I am paying 5K over MSRP wich at this time has not been determined yet. Read below who gets one or more cars.

    This should answer a lot of questions.
    Darryl B. Hazel Ford Motor Company
    email: [email protected] Dearborn, Michigan 48126-4207

    July 19, 2005

    All Ford Division Dealers
    Subject: SVT Distribution Plan
    The purpose of this communication is to announce the following:
    · Revision to the SVT distribution policy
    · Allocation plan for the Mustang Shelby Cobra GT500
    As we go forward, our goal is to expand our lineup of Ford performance oriented vehicles. One such example is the Mustang Shelby Cobra GT500 which is scheduled for production next summer. As we expect to have a strong line-up of performance products in the future, the cadence of these products
    necessitates a change to our distribution policy. Accordingly, the Mustang Shelby Cobra GT500 and all future products engineered by SVT will be available to all dealers who complete the necessary certification requirements. This will further strengthen the Ford brand by providing us with a greater opportunity to drive showroom traffic by leveraging halo products in all our marketing communications.
    This will also help achieve compliance with various state laws by providing all dealers who become certified the opportunity to sell performance oriented vehicles.

    Certification Requirements to Sell SVT-Engineered Products
    SVT-engineered products will be available to all dealers who complete the certification requirements. A unique certification plan will be announced for each SVT engineered product at a later date. Similar to Escape Hybrid, certification will likely include sales consultant training, technician training and purchase
    of special service tools. As in the past, this opportunity will be open to all dealers who enroll in the SVT program and who meet SVT program requirements.

    Mustang Shelby Cobra GT500 Allocation Plan
    Dealers will be required to complete certification requirements to receive any type of allocation for the Shelby Cobra GT500. In recognition of their commitment to the program, current SVT dealers and SVT Focus dealers will receive preferential allocation for the Shelby Cobra GT500 for the first model year.

    At current projections, we expect around 7,000 units to be produced for the 2007 model year. Allocation will be as follows:
    · Two incremental units for current full-line SVT dealers (605 dealers)
    · One incremental unit for SVT Focus-only dealers (700 dealers)
    · One unit for any dealer who completes certification requirements
    · One unit for 2005 President's Award winners (343 dealers)
    · Remaining production will be allocated based on a Mustang share-of-nation formula

    Allocation Example:
    A current full-line SVT dealer who wins the 2005 President's Award will receive four units plus any units for Mustang share-of-nation.
    Example: Full Line SVT Dealer: 2
    Completed certification: 1
    2005 President's Award: 1
    Mustang share-of-nation: TBD
    Managing Customer Expectations
    We are already receiving customer inquiries about GT500 availability as well as reports of dealers holding deposits for this car. Dealer allocation will not be announced until the first quarter of 2006.

    Despite the extremely high market interest in this product, it is important to appropriately manage the expectations of your customers according to your actual allocation.
    Darryl Hazel
  9. My dealership sold our Ford GT for 243K so you can see why they are holding off.
  10. Eurostyle.

    I'm not questioning your ability or don't believe you that you have your deal set up in particular. I'm sure you do. Do you have an "out" if you don't approve of the MSRP price?

    7,000 units.

    That's not enough cars to quench demand even at 45-50k a piece. I hope I'm wrong about this but history has been pretty clear on all things like this.

    If a Ford dealer now has only two Mustang GT's on the floor and someone comes in with the valid "whatever plan" on the car, they can do the deal because they know another Gt will be in stock or on the way the following week. If the dealership knows that these two Shelbys are all they are going to get period, then they will do what history has shown us and we all know what that means.

    Supply and demand, plain and simple. And if anyone thinks that teh FORD police are going to drive around in old crown vics making sure the general managers of these dealers play by the rules, you are out in La La land. :D

    It all around really sucks because I would like to have one of these too, but I'm not going to get hosed.
  11. Marcus,
    There is no way out for me, whatever MSRP + 5K. BTW, I also am in Los Angeles, funny thing is, my connection is on the East Coast.
  12. My dealer (Bill Utter Ford in Denton, TX) just called me 10 minutes ago. He said they are being allocated three (3) GT500s and they intend to sell them at "market price" but he can't see that being much more than whatever MSRP is. So I will be inclined to pay it as long as it doesn't start going over 45k... He also said that the 2 guys ahead of me bailed, so I now get the first one. w00t!
  13. Nobody and no dealership still knows nothing, how many and how much. Don't believe anything you read on any web site until production numbers and price are realeased to the public.
  14. Well, they apparently know now buddy, or else he wouldn't have called me. He said they just found out, and he has no reason to lie to me. I've been in contact with the guy since March and he has had my deposit for just as long. Three sounds like a perfectly realistic number anyway. He did however agree that no one has any idea on the final price yet.
  15. I spoke with a SVT dealership today who said they have 12 on the list with a $500 deposit and when the GT500 comes in it will be at market price. He anticipates adding $10,000 minimum to the price. And this is an 8 time presidential award winner we are talking about! Unbelievable.
  16. Dealer allocation calculations have actually been announced. The dealer memo is posted on blue oval.

    Here's a link:

    There has been no announcement on prices.

  17. I think the most important line of that whole memo is the last sentence.

    "Despite the extremely high market interest in this product, it is important to appropriately manage the expectations of your customers according to your actual allocation."

    To me this says to the dealerships that have the right to "manage expectations of customers" by capitalizing on the supply and demand principle. In other words be prepared to pay heavily for an early release vehicle.
  18. Wrong, wrong, wrong.......

    Not EVERY Ford dealer gets a car, only dealers who complete the necessary SVT certification requirements. From what you say about your dealer, i gather it's not an SVT dealer and it completed the necessary SVT certification requirements.

    I hope the owner of said dealership doesn't take it or you'll be on the outside looking in. Good luck and hope you get it.
  19. My local dealer told me they were only going to get three '03 Cobras.

    Hehehe... at one point they had two dozen of them on the lot...

    In other words, just wait and see what happens. I guarantee the GT500 will be available at MSRP without any difficulties at all. Most sane people would buy a Corvette Z06 before dropping $70K on a Mustang...