gt-500 for 70k?

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  1. Holy crap guys, part of allocation is determined by Mustang share of nation. Nothing has been made definitive to the dealers by my now former intern employer and possibly future employer. Like the big man himself said, it's about managing expectations right now when there is nothing binding with dealers between them and Ford Motor Company. To the guy in April 2007 that paid $10,000 in August 05 that's still waiting for a GT500 when the dealer he paid cash to sold the only one they were getting and thought they were getting 20... :owned:
  2. What about people who are willing to pay the entire price of the car in cash? Shouldn't they demand to just pay sticker? I may be in position to do this within a year and need some advice.

  3. Think ya guys are jumping the gun and there is some confusion admist. There are 2 Shelby Cobra's due: The re-birth of the original Shelby Cobra (no relation to the stangs) and the GT-500. From my dealer - the GT-500 should hold a sticker of around 38.5k with no dealer markups over. Now the other - the Shelby Cobra, I expect to see that run up near the GT-40 ranges. This will have the V-10 and such. My dealer won't even touch ANY deposite for pre-orders of a GT-500. Thier position is its to early and a no-no with Ford. Every reputable source I've checked says its to be in line with the other Mustang Cobras and under 40k.

    I wouldn't place too much faith in alot of what dealers say - My TA was denied repairs once because of the NHRA badging on it?!? Had to explain to them that it was a special edition and the badges were warrentied items as well.
  4. It's just that, it's not the real numbers per say for particular SVT Dealers.

    "We are already receiving customer inquiries about GT500 availability as well as reports of dealers holding deposits for this car. Dealer allocation will not be announced until the first quarter of 2006."
  5. Dealers make money on financing. The dealership is getting paid for the car regardless.
  6. BlackBird01,
    I think, you have been smoking too much :):) there is going to be only one Shelby-Cobra GT500.

  7. Like I said and also there is going to be a Shelby Cobra - not related to the mustangs in any way. A re-birth of the original 2 seater.
  8. No, at this point he is right about that.

  9. Correct. It's in the dealer's best interest to sell to the guy who will finance it versus the guy that'll pay out in cash outright. The dealer makes a % of the finance amount. Just a helpful little negotiation hint. So finance it, but then just pay it out once you have it in your garage. :nice:
  10. I think your referring to the shelby gr-1 which is NOT coming out anytime soon. It might replace the ford gt but as of right now there is just a shelby cobra coming out, it is one and the same.
  11. This is the "new" Shelby Cobra"

  12. Sorry to burst your bubble but thats an old concept, that will not be the new cobra
  13. Not bursting any bubble, I can't afford one anyway. This is the one that was on "Rides" that Shelby signed. Is there another now? pics? anyone?
  14. Ya I remember when they designed that one on rides a while back. I guess a lot of people didn't like it when they debuted it so they came back with the shelby gr-1 which isn't going into production yet either. On the front page of this site is the pics of the concept shelby cobra coming out next year.
  15. My order is at MSRP. I will not pay a $1.00 over.... ok well maybe I would pay a buck or two over.....But I am not paying thousands over period! If they want say even $1k over.... then I walk! Hell I can order a 06' Z06 for MSRP at lots of chevy dealers.... I would hope the GT500 won't go over. In fact after seeing some of the latest photos that are flying around the net... the car might be over priced at MSRP (say $40k) the way thay hood looks and the tacked on rear spoiler is......IMO. Better say SHELBY on it somewhere. If it looks so plain, I say 500hp then for sure or I might be out! Ok got my 2 cents out....
    Hope FORD heard me........ya right!
  16. I'll take it black with no stripes. Shelby or not, it's the next Cobra and with a blown 5.4, I'm in. That $h!t will be dropping 620hp to the ground before it has 5K miles.