GT front Brakes on a V6

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  1. OK I'm really not sure why you want to upgrade to GT brakes. Its all about stopping distance right? So does anyone have the hard facts as to what the 60-0 stopping distance is for V-6 with standard brakes verses GT brakes on the V-6? Are we talking inches or feet here???? Or is it resistance to fading due to heat buildup that makes the GT brakes worth the extra expense? Or is a macho thing?
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    I don't know if it makes a real difference or not, that was part of my original question. From my point of view the package (which does include the mounting brackets, thanks for tip GrayPony and bigcat) isn't really all that much more than a set of good pads and having my rotors turned. Since I have the larger wheels already, if it helps, then why not, if it doesn't, then I'm better off putting some decent pads on and waiting until I can afford a full aftermarket upgrade package. Of course, part of “why not” is always will it even work, which I think we got some good answers too. Thanks to everyone that provided input. :nice:
  3. ok so read a post just now about gt caipers use an offset bracket for the bigger rotors. i bought gt rotors and didnt even think about the extra inch. so does anyone know where i can get a offset bracket or whatever to make them fit?
  4. So, if I understand that correctly, the ABS controls he brake bias then??
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  6. Are you serious? I "own" both. The insurance isn't much different. My girlfriend has about the same driving record as myself and her insurance is only $20 cheaper a month, not even close to $200.
  7. I put the GT takeoff rotors/calipers/brackets on the V6. Seems to me it stops better, and it surely didn't fade as quickly as the standard brakes. For me, very much worth the cost and hassle. Balance was not an issue on the street or autocross track.

    Took me a while after I started the process by "winning" an auction from the eBaY newtakeoff/Diversified Industries outfit. They had/have a good reputation with most folks, but they acted like crooks, with me:
    rustydisk - a set on Flickr
  8. v6 to v8 brakes

    hey, no there are a few of us who know what a proportioning valve is. but it is the issue here. I converted a v6 car and used 20" wheels on it, direct bolt on! no issues with the brakes or abs. Any v8 will do, just make sure that if your car has ABS, make sure the v8 car does too. if you do not have ABS, then any brake will fit.
    no special tools, just bolt the stuff in. You may want to upgrade your rotors and pads like i did. goodluck

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