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  1. I think it's just luck, never been too popular, lol
  2. MSP, what is the list of all the mods you have right now?

    is it a 5 speed man?

    Try power shifting, thats what let me break into the 14's while still being stock, without power shifting my best time was 15.26 bone stock, and my 14.86 with power shifting (plus K&N but i doubt that does anything)

  3. Basically now, since I just removed my mufflers, I just have the X-PIPE dual exhaust, the K&N drop in filter with holes in my Air-Intake box..

    The engine sounds really good on my setup without the mufflers.. Just running the cats..

    The XPIPE allows you to run without mufflers.. The Idle is not too loud. But when you get on it, you get a nice deep tone, like the GT.. Sweet!!

    Also, I do have a 5 spd manual tranny..
  4. Also, I'm not serious about the holes in the box.. Just buy a CAI kit...

    The holes I believe do allow alittle more airflow.. But just not sure if its worth cutting the original box..
  5. Fazm83 I truley think initially the 1/4 mile run will mostly be all driver related.. That test will be hard to judge until we are all launch masters.. LOL!!
  6. I've got launching down pretty good, but thats with the stock tires, once i get my new ones (245's) i think launching will because easier to do, not as much slippin of the clutch.
    SO is that a no to power shifting?
  7. I can try it.. I know how to powershift... We'll check it out..
  8. fazm83

    I have my battery disconnected so the CPU can adjust to the muffler removal.. Gonna make another pass soon..

    I guess my first goal is to beat you and Echo7.. LOL!! Damn I need practice.. LOL!!

    This is the problem.. I make my runs on the freeway on-ramp.. Gotta make sure I catch my traffic pattern, and there are no officials around.. LOL!! So I may try and power shift it to see if that helps out the ET..

    One question though.. With my projected 217RWHP, what would you say my time should be, should I stick the launch and all the shifts?
  9. Well if you are generating another 30rwhp than me, and i can pull off a 14.86, i dont think you should have any problems hitting that magical 14.5 mark
  10. why do u have to disconnect the battery?
  11. Because the computer system on the 05 Mustang is self adjusting.. So since I removed the mufflers, the computer is still adjusted to the engine based on the mufflers and a certain amount of backpressure.. With the mufflers off, the engine is more free flowing.. By disconnecting the battery for a certain period of time, it allows the computer to understand the engine from a fresh start, and adjust accordingly..
  12. Give the computer an electronic boot to the ass to make a limited recalibration.

  13. LOL!! You drive a hard bargin fazm83.. I'll see what I can do, but its going to be tough.. Lets see if my newly adjusted system will have enough power to over-compensate for my frailties on the 1/4 mile pass.. Basically, if all goes well, this will allow me to lose to you on the start, but catch you mid-track, and break 14.4.. LOL!!

    Damn, it sucks when the confidence is low.. LOL!! :D

    Actually first I need to just get into the 14's period.. My last run was a 15.24, so I got some catching up to do..

    Well, I'm going to make a pass stand by.. If all goes well, I'll take a pic and post it..
  14. Is the freeway onramp downhill at all? When i did my runs, my best runs were on flat flat flat ground. Slight up and slight downhill yielded me higher numbers.

    btw, i do consider myself a very quick shifter, i ran a bone stock 2001 trans am (non ram air) to a 12.97 quarter mile(non gtech, actual track), when mag times were 13.3-13.5

  15. Nope, freeway on ramp is flat for more than 1/4 mile..

    You are in big trouble Fazm83...

    I just ran a 14.86 @ 99.1MPH... This is with a bogged start, and an early lift at the end of the run because of traffic.. I swear to god I can break 14.4sec..

    Guys, the Mother*&%$ hauled ass like never before... You must XPIPE and remove the mufflers..

    Standby for pics of trap time and speed!! :nice:

    Guys, I bogged at the start of this run, and still beat my old time.. OMG!!


    Also Fazm83, this was not a power shifting run, I used the clutch.. Stand by for pics..

    I'll make another run later..
  16. damn, what do you do? run out to the car, try something, run back in the house, post something, then run back to the car?
  17. Had to invert colors for clarity..

    I promise all of you, I can take down 14.4sec..

    Please keep in mind the circumstances of this particular run..

    1. Bogged start-- Let out the clutch but was scared to spin tires..

    2. Lifted early--Meaning I passed the 100MPH mark, but lifted because I was coming up onto traffic, with my car screaming bloody murder..

    I will take down 14.4 seconds later tonight!! I promise! :nice:

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  18. fazm83

    What is the 1/4 mile time of the stock GT?


    I would love a 13.99 run.. Or a 13.8...
  19. Around 13.4 is what the big car mags are getting.
  20. so if i just got duals, i should disconnect my battery for a while?