GTO,CHARGER quicker the the STANG

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  1. This is absolutely correct, and many dodge owners refer to the 'new' hemis as semi-hemis also. (Before my stang I owned a 03 Ram Hemi and hung around alot...) The 5.7 is an excellent engine with alot of potential but in my experience they are hugely restricted by the torque mgmt....if the guys in the chargers take care of that they'll be a challenge for us mustang guys.....
  2. I couldnt agree with you more ...

    IMO - Ford should have put more HP into the 05...I can only guess that because there isnt any camero or trans am out there right now being produced- they didnt feel the heat of the competition to compete with. The 05GT should have come out with a super charger - stock. :fuss:

    Still I am happy with the car... Its a Mustang. :D
  3. While enthusiasts may say Ford should have put more hp in the 05. Noone can argue with the fact that at 300hp they are selling faster than they can be made. Ford made what is likely the best mustang for the price. Sure you can complain that other cars have more hp. But I think all of them are more expensive (Especially the STI. $32445). And those within a couple thousand dollars. don't have the same hp. And we all know if Ford had decided for more hp. But it had cost $32k (See supercharger or STI). That people would then be complaining that it was overpriced.
  4. that sounds like words of wisdom to me.

    300bhp is not and has never been a small amount of power. The shame is that the new Mustang is still quite heavy, had it weighed 200-300kg less (440-660lbs) which is duable it would have made a real difference.

    But its not slow by any means, any road car that crack 13 second ET's should be respected.

    Just be glad its not the 70's all over again with NO V8 engines alla Mustang II

    Would you rather have a 300bhp 4.6 V8 or a 330bhp 2.0 Turbo in your Mustang?
  5. I think one reason some of you are complaining about HP vs other cars that cost more is because those other cars are still very affordable. The argument about HP and price is valid but the more expensive cars w/ more HP are still very affordable. If the stang cost $3000 more but came w/ 375 HP they would still be selling briskly.

    (BTW 300 bhp, I once owned a TR-7 and always drolled over the TR-8 like you have.)
  6. No replacement for Displacement. Unless your rides a Supercharged Cobra :)
  7. except for more powerful cars, or ones that have a better power to weight ratio????
  8. However lets look at the price of those 375hp cars.
    Corvette 400 hp. Base Price. $43710
    Pontiac GTO 400hp. Base Price. $32295
    BMW M3 333hp. Base Price. $47300
    Chrysler 300C SRT-8 425hp. Base Price. $39920
    Cadillac CTS-V. 400hp Base Price. $49490
    Ford Mustang. Base Price. $25,140
    I don't think a $28k mustang would be able to have 375hp. Since most of the competition close to that hp range. Are $32k minimum. And sure what you can get a GTO for may be cheaper since demand isn't there. But Since the only imperical data we have is MSRP. It makes no sense to say. "Well I can get this car for this price."
  9. I dunno. It has enough hp to haul its fat as$ around but I dont know if it can handle a casket. lol

    I sort of understand why they dont make the stang more powerful (profit), but come on. Where's Ford's LS1? I'm tired of seeing Camaros womp on Stangs and I'm even more tired of a wrx doing it too.
  10. I believe Fords LS1 is in the Lightening.
  11. N/A would be nicer. And for the price of a camaro? Doubt it.
  12. :rlaugh: But it's a sleeper :nonono:
  13. I think he meant Challenger not Charger. People that know nothing about cars often get those two mixed up. Regardless of which is faster its nothing a ProCharger can't resolve.
  14. Way to bring out a dead thread :nice: alot has happened since this thread, including alot more pointless "which car would be faster" threads... Good job.
  15. Hummmm yea can get a 2005 GTO at around the $27,500 mark....
    But I still ratter have a Stang Gt...
    But when the Challenger comes out i don't know what way i will go....
    I think the Challinger looks like old school like the stang gt.......
    By the Time the challenger comes out I am sure the stang will have more HP and and the MSRP will be in the same ballpark.....
    I am sure you will not see Ford dealers jacking their prices over Sticker..........
    Hummmm wondering if I would get a challenger?I have 2 70 Challengers a 6pack with shacker hood original and Hemi Export car....
    Maybe if its a CUDA i would buy one but I don't think that will ever happen...JT
  16. The GTO is of course faster then our '05GT. For that matter, the old LS1 Firebirds are still faster then us :(
  17. It's pretty obvious Bigger motor=more horsepower. But those cars dont have the privelege of calling themselves Mustangs. And the lS1 firebirds are ugly. The new shelby will teach them all a lesson.
  18. the last response to this thread was in JUNE!!!!!! the challenger was not even a thought back then. but i can see where this will go. someone look up the thread "game: a list of cars faster than the 05 gt" or something close to that. just please dont start a new thread about how the GTO and F-bodies are faster.
  19. i went with the gto, and i don't regret it a bit, just take both for a test drive and you would see/feel what i'm talking about.
    btw, i paid $31200 for my car. looking better won't make your car run faster....
  20. YOU'RE the guy in OC with the GTO!
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