Hello Stang.net!

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  1. Greetings earthlings!

    I have just joined the forums, alot of solid information here. As well as some nice people sharing information and the adventures.

    A little about myself, I am currently 18 years old, 19 in july. I work at a Fencing/Deck/Railing shop. Fabricating, boxing, delivering rails, decks,fences, and other nonsense.

    I currently drive a 1992 F-150 single cab, with a 289 straight six(Old faithful)

    Im working on my mustang every weekend to get her all restored and to my liking. It is a 1974 mustang ii 4spd. It was originally a 4 cylinder(Not sure about the size) The man that i bought the car off of swaped in a (what my father believes is a 77 302) We are not entirely sure though. After we get her road ready, and i get used to driving her, my father and i are swapping in a 1980's 302 crate motor, with a mild cam, and a holley carb. we might have to upgrade the tranny, since we are unsure if it will hold up to the motor. But anyway, here are some pics of the beauty. IMG_0444_zpsa72ecda6.jpg IMG_0439_zpsa9897f07.jpg IMG_0435_zps6be1e67a.jpg IMG_0438_zpsa1cd46a8.jpg IMG_0437_zpscee06fa8.jpg IMG_0443_zps2efff265.jpg IMG_0442_zps83dfca5b.jpg IMG_0441_zps4238503d.jpg IMG_0440_zpsb9a9b3c6.jpg IMG_0436_zps265307a1.jpg
  2. Welcome aboard, thanks for posting pics!