How fast have you got your v6?

Discussion in '2005 - 2014 Specific V6 Tech' started by echo7, Apr 15, 2005.

  1. Now I know why cops like to pull over people driving mustangs....
  2. Indeed, thats why i'm always scared, espceially with these new eye cacthing mustangs.
  3. Well, finally hit 115 yesterday, very smooth on these new tires and rims, and i must agree, its hard to notice the shift points and rpms going that fast, but right as i hit the "soft" limiter, it seemed to just shift to 5th gear at like 110, and i dont know if theres still another ratio being overdrive, but there was alot of poetential. Brakes work good at that speed too, running out of room in that 45mph road...
  4. Got up to 110mph, about 4000RPM, yesturday.. I didnt smell that burnning smell some people talk about that time but did another time when i hit 100. Car handles great at 110! Need longer road to test full potential.. :D
  5. Burning smell?
  6. Yeah, I read in other forums about a burnning smell after you reach 100mph. I have only smelt it once. Some think it may be "Breaking in" or something. not sure.. try it yourself! :D
  7. I use to get it all the time going around 100mph. Now that i have 7200 miles on my car, i havent smelt it for the last 1000 miles or so (and yes i do still go over 100)
  8. I have the speed limit removed from mine (XCalibrator tune).
    I had it to 125 one night & decided I better slow my butt down.
    I think it had a little more left but I may not find out how much any time soon.
    Maybe if I find me a nice long deserted road I'll try it again.
  9. Cool, so 125 is the max so far, see if you can find out what it will stop gaining at, i know it will just creep and creep, but it could keep creeping on up for awhile. Lots of air its pushing, and make sure you don't have the ac on, or anything for that matter, all electrical stuff can add to the load of the alternator.
  10. I'll try to get another run in soon (maybe).
    There are lots of deer around here & I'm scared of hitting one.
    I hit 2 in the last 5 years with my 95 T-Bird. Actually I hit one & a year later another deer ran into me, in the front quarter panel.
    One time it was over $3000 in damage.
    Hitting one at over 120MPH in Sally would probably not be good. Might kill the deer, Sally & me.
    There is a small airport nearby & a few times a year they let you pay a fee & see how fast you can go. Might wait for that.
  11. Good idea, ive almost hit a deer myself, its like they're perfect at aligning their run to where they hit you perfectly enough to do lots of damage, but they still are able to live. And how long are usual airstrips, or how long is the one you might go to.
  12. I hit 140 the other day in my GT...sorry to rub it in :D
  13. That was mean hearted of you :) just wait till i supercharge mine (over 3 years from now when the warranty is up)
  14. If i had to guess, id say the 05 v6 would probably stop at around 135-140. It climes very quick to the 115 limit. As soon as i get my limiter removed, ill make sure to let you ALL know what it tops out at :) (ill probably have to hook up my SnapOn MODIS to see how fast, because it might go past the speedo)
  15. I hit 125 in mine on a old country road V6 of course ( I like to say it with pride just to let the old GT guy know I'm not mad at him) lol at him lmao at him. I don't even believe him lmao .... :>
  16. You all aren't runnin' with the stock tires I hope? Hate to see a blow-out at those speeds...
  17. I thought the same thing about the tire rating.... The BF Goodrich Traction T/A Spec is rated R.. 106MPH.... nothing close to the ZR Gatorbacks that were on the 03GT...

    I had just inspected them and figured a quick 5 second jolt past spec would hold....

    And, in case this has never happened to someone.... DO NOT BRAKE...DO NOT remove your foot off the accelerator... ease the accelerator to continue momentum. Compensate for the blow out pull with counter steering...once you regain control....slow down and pull over.

    :) Jennifer
  18. These tires on the v6 stangs are t rated, 118mph, right? why would ford allow you to go over the speed rating of tires, so they could get sued?
  19. Stock tires here :)