How fast have you got your v6?

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  1. Same here... never noticed a problem at all w/ the tires going over a 100
  2. Well i know this can't be everyone's posting of their top speed, where's the others?
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    did you experience the dreaded hood lift/shake?
  4. im glad i dont like the speed thing any more i use to get my old cars up to 125 but that was when i was young and d**b. Now that i have kids i was just happy to see that with a full tank of gas trunk full of luggage 2 kids wife and myself we were able to go up the grapevine at 80 with plenty left. i have sean alot of mean spirited posts from v8ers mostly on other boards and it gets kinda old. i could a got a v8 (funny sounds familiar) but i chose to get a v6 my boys and i have had fun doing some apperance mods (man i miss spell check) as soon as they come up with some dependable performance mods i probubly will do some them. only to fix the fly by wire lag and a few other things. funny thing when i called preditor and asked them when they were going to make a unit for the v6 they told me that people that own the v6 wouldnt buy one. boy were they wrong. any way fellow stangers have (SAFE) fun out there we dont want to be known as the new generation of street killers. sorry off my pulpit now.
    PS. the v6 IS A KICK A** MOTOR i dont care what anyone says
  5. Couldn't have said it better myself. I have never had so much fun in a car before, and with my gt exhuast, i barley notcied a differece when i drove a GT automatic.
  6. wow.. only 115 for you new 05 guys... lol iv had my o3 at 117 w/ more to go one time while i was following my friend in a vr6 gti ... i think our limiter is set at 134... in fourth redline is 110 and my friend has an auto 02 gt.. he moved off of me not anything like i expected though and my car is stock.. except for straight pipes...
  7. 115 is because thats what we are electronically limited to. Your car redlines at 110 4th? mine redlines at 103 in 3rd.
  8. Negligence and Wreckless Driving...


    :hail2: RIGHT....I looked again at the tire...... 96T.... Yeppers..."T" rated to 118Mph..

    Now I can crank him up a wee bit more! :lol:

  9. Good to see everyone still here!! I did not register right away after the big crash awhile back.. But I am back... Looks to be alot of V6 lovers like myself still holding down the fort..

    In regards to this speed situation, I am not sure how fast I have been really.. Not at all that fast.. I dont actually drive my car that much.. I only have 600 miles on it.. This is my plan.. I will mostly enjoy fixing it up to look legendary.. LOL!! But I have not been beaten by anything as of yet.. The 2000+ Mustangs always challenge me on the freeway, and I beat them enough to call off the race for saftey concernes.. I will say, a really pumped up Saleen with an awsome exhaust really worried me.. I heard him coming before I could see what it was.. My left leg trimmbled for just a short 2nd.. But then I realized I have a V6.. LOL!! He will most likley praise the car for its courage...

    Well, it happened.. He pulled in front of me, and stepped on it.. I was totally shocked to see that he could not pull from me!! LOL!! I mean, I never got in front of him, but he couldnt shake me.. I was so close to his bumper, that had he had hit his brakes, we would have been in the paper the next morning..

    "Unidentifiable teeangers crash and Burn".. LOL!!! Slow it down guys, its not worth it!! LOL!! :) I am 34 years old..

    Also, I have VR 255 series tires on all four corners!! I can go around the freeway on-ramp @ 60mph+..
  10. I took mine up 110 the other day when an suv stepped aside and opened up some freeway. It got there from 70 in a couple heartbeats. Only stayed there for a second and I ran out of room, but the ride was just fine and it felt like I had plenty of power left. I don't plan on doing that again any time soon.

    Yesterday, I had JBA shorties installed. Out the door to pick up the car, my neighbor played catch up, coming home in a screaming yellow V6. Saw 2 more 05 V6's later that day within two minutes of one another. I've still only seen one other redfire in town and it was a lovely GT. I'm glad I'm doing a few mods to create a little differentiation out there.

    Wheels are tires may come next, before any more power adders. I've been thinking about 17" American Racing Casino Chromes plus the stock Pirelli's off a GT. Anyone's thoughts on this combo on a redfire V6? chrome plated alloy&section=P

    Here's a clip of the headers (+ K&N drop-in and single GT-take off muffler)

  11. lol, you should!
  12. Yeah, i followed a 98-2000ish saleen from a stop light, he didn't gun, and i kept up, but i wasn't flooring it either. He saw me and took off a little but i kept up, but by the time we got up to 90 it was time for me to turn off :)

  13. Thanks for the reinfocement.. I knew I was not having an illusion of un-interrupted faith... So you mean to imply that our V6's are worth more than $20,000.00?

    By the way, your wheels are highly desired by me.. I will get them and paint the star white, and polish the lip.. They will go good against my single down the middle ralley stripe with pinstripes to be installed..

    Also, we have the same color car friend!! I cant wait till the work is all complete to post screenshots..

    I love how you car looks man!! We are brothers now!! :nice:
  14. lol, i'm gonna try to get a rally stripe too, with one big down the middle and two little ones on the side, white. love to see some pics :)
  15. are saleens even supercharged, or just dress ups?

  16. depends on which Saleen it is.. the older S351R was rated around 500 hp with a 351 Windsor and a supercharger.. the 04 S281e was rated 445 hp with a rebuilt 4.6 and supercharger..

    a guy the other day put his S281 Supercharged ragtop on a dyno and made about 340 hp to the ground (it was just the GT engine with the supercharger on it, not built up like the S281e)

    For the one gentleman saying that 2000+ Mustangs aren't any faster than him, if your in the Seattle area I'd be willing to go for it in my stock 03 Mustang.. it only hit 372 hp to the ground on a Dynojet...
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    that sounds like a fair race.. :flag:
  18. I think i'm going to keep this v6 for 5 or so years and then when i get the money, go for a roush, saleen, or a cobra. Really like those cobras...
  19. I have always liked the plain, yet understated looks of the 2002 Roush at 360HP and a clutch throw that will knock your teeth out, it's a fun car to drive. :nice:

  20. 5th is OD, as for potential what sort of rpm's are you at in 5th at 110mph? Remeber if its beyond the peak torque it may not pull as hard from that point on, I would guess 135-145 is a likly limit without the restrictor.

    But doing 100mph in 45mph road is stupid you FOOL, if you are going to drive fast do it some where safe, which a 45mph road most certainly isn't!