How many Miles on your 5.0 when you picked it up?

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  1. Around 7 miles
  2. 56 for me. 22 of which I'm sure was my test drive (and grinning from ear to ear the entire time!).
  3. Buying a used one it has 6k miles lol
  4. 41 Miles, they had to go get it from the next state over (on a flatbed of course:nice:)
  5. Mine had about 30 miles on it along with an airbag light. ;)
  6. 7.4 virgin miles...won't last long!
  7. Mine had 4 miles on it.
  8. 9Miles when I picked up my Boss after Christmas.
  9. 3 were on it when I drove it off the showroom floor.
  10. Mine had 898..... I think they drove it up from down south somewhere.
  11. 17 young miles!
  12. Mine had 8 miles on it.
  13. My 07 gt - Bought it new..... it had 6 miles on it - now 5/6 yrs later it's at 23k - Black 5 spd /w /red interior / no spoiler / premium coupe - completely 'booked' - still have the original plastic seat covers/tags......every single piece of paper that it came with / plus ++ totals (3) separate three ring binders w/mods and maintanance - ;)
  14. photo1a.jpg

    Took a lot of pictures that day.

    2013 GT Premium, Deep Impact Blue, Automatic, Equipment Group 400a, Satin Black Racing Stripe, Glass Roof, 18" Polished Aluminum Wheels, Charcoal Black Interior, 3.15 Limited Slip.
  15. 7miles here
  16. 54 Km Most likely salesmen taking it for a rip... I took my Stang back so that my salesman could hear the Borla ATAK, and he took me for a rip in a 2013 GT500 that he was waiting for his customer to pick up... Wish I could afford the GT500.
  17. 500 because they drove it from the dealership in TN to bring it to me in OH. Still, it's the newest car I've owned.
  18. 12 miles on mine, i asked them not to drive it since it was an order but they said they are required to put gas in the tank