How much did you pay for your 2011 GT?

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  1. I am about to purchase a 2011 GT premium (manual) with no real options other then the security package and possibly the comfort package.

    MSRP is right around 34 I think. But i have been hearing stories of people getting their GT premiums for 28-29.

    Anyone confirm or deny this? Either way, post up what you paid and your options!
  2. I went to a dealer a few weeks back and could get one with 3.73 gears for 28k on the X-Plan and with a $1,000 rebate. Great price but I still can't afford it so I'm buying a used 2007 GT tomorrow for 16k:D
  3. Premium or regular?
  4. from 34k to 28k?

    Highly UNLIKELY. They don't make much $$$ on base models. If it were loaded, then maybe $5-6 grand off MSRP at the end of the year might be possible.

    if anyone can tell me some prices for the v6 with a base model (in automatic) of $24 grand MSRP.

    Can it be had for $20,000+++?
  5. Went to motortends price calculator and it lists most people buying it around 29k. Aunt bought one some how for 28k recently.
  6. base model right?
  7. If you can get a premium model for 28K then you better jump all over it. I got x-plan pricing with $1,750 in rebates and financed $35.1K. That was with 7 year bumper to bumper, no money down and 3.9% for 5 years.
  8. I just purchased a base GT (only option is 3.73s) for $27 of course msrp is only 30-31 on the car though. I'm happy with this purchase and couldn't justify paying near 2k for the Brembo package.

    Best of luck with your search
  9. The one the dealer priced for me for 28k was the base GT with 3.73 gears nothing else. I could get a v6 with performance package for 24k or a base v6 for 20k. I have heard of people getting the base v6 for 19k.

  10. Thanks for the info. The more I think about it, the more likely I am to go with the base GT. I won't be buying for a month or two, but i wouldn't mind it if i could get it for 27.
  11. **** let me know because i'm being quoted at near MSRP on all the v6 models. For that price, i'd GLADLY pay another 2-3 grand for a base GT.

    i looked at the motortrend thing you said and it says people are paying like $30 grand for a base GT.
  12. GT Premium Coupe, Auto, Comfort Pack, Security Pack, Polished 18 inch wheels and Rearview camera, $31918 out of the door, includes $1000 rebate, does not include taxes and plate fees.
  13. I got quoted a GT premium with brembo package, security package for 31,700 out the door before i even started negotiating. So i know there is some room.
  14. really? I seem to think sometimes the internet quote is their lowest quote. once i went in with an "internet" quote and they wouldn't honor it when i got there. said they made a mistake it was too low. just to get me into the stealership.. :notnice:
  15. I ordered a GT Premium with brembo package and 401A. Dealer quoted me $100 over invoice, and with incentives, it came to right about $32k (or $3700 off the sticker).
  16. Yeah the prices are now becoming easier to work with since the cars aren't so "rare". The dealer I went to had atleast 10 GT's on the small lot so they are more willing to get them moving; while a few months ago when I was looking they wouldn't budge.
  17. my price came to 31,800 for base GT, 10G's down with 7.9 APR NOO credit lol
    i also got 3.73's, cal-special bumpers, billet grille, side scoops, hood scoop and pedastal spoiler :) ..stick and in yellow blz :nice:
  18. I got mine for $32k (GT Premium, Rapid Spec 400A, Security & Comfort Packages). 3.9% APR. About $2700 off MSRP and a reasonable price for my 04 Mach 1.
  19. MSRP for mine was $36,575, but price paid including $1,000 factory rebate $33,454 or $168 under invoice.

    Ordred Kona blue GT premium 6spd, 401a black leather with grabber blue accent, 3.73's, security package, & brembo package.

    Got my pricing through internet qoute. Also, I ordered mine so don't think you have to pay more just b/c you're ordering one. Good luck!
  20. That's pretty much exactly what I am going for. Cept without the brembo package now and the 3.73s.

    How is the blue holding up for you? My color choice has been one of the hardest for me.