How to make my stang beat 2005 gt ?

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  1. For real. trying to rev out to 7k with stock gears in this car is just humorous. Even when I get some room to play and romp on it, I never even get out of 2nd lol. Its sad really
  2. It does take forever, even with 3.55's.... These cars should've came with 3.73's from the factory....
  3. I'm not leaving out those aspects, the aforementioned original issue was what was faster. Although, all sake of Devil's Advocacy aside - i agree with you:p
  4. was pointing out the fact that afew here are ignorant, you guys have some very hot cars and I respect the hell out of them and you too. No I don't go onto the 05 section and bash anyones car, If the like theyre car its ok with me . As for the track thing...if I can pick my driverfor my would be kinda fun.:D :flag:
  5. Right, that'd be sweet. Name calling wasn't necessary, i was trying to argue another side and took off with it. Don't even fully buy into the side I was arguing, but every party needs representation:p

    Where do you live?
  6. hahahahahaha its a free for all right now.
  7. 1) That quote of their signature included their ET and Trap speed.

    2) That Mach 1 that I quoted went to the exact same track I go to. In fact I have seen it run. So it is a fair comparison to bring it up.

    I brought it up for one to show what a local Mach 1 to me has done and it so happened to be a member of this board.

    3) That track we go to is very tough to get a good ET and Trap out of. The track does zero prep, none at all except for featured events. It is 1600 feet above sea level according to NHRA and will have a minimum of 60% humidity. Cars are roughly .6 slower at this track than what similar cars run at other tracks...

    4) I never said that the owner of that Mach was a good driver. I know that he watched me, my first 3 outings at the track in Apr/May 06. He was pretty happy on my first outing out as I was running mid 14's. When I ran my 13.68, he left not long after and I haven't seen him since. I also know that in Aug 06, I looked at an 03 Mach 1 that was identical in looks and had the same Mods as that one at a Ford Dealership. At that time, had the price been $4000.00 less, I would have bought it.
  8. Oregon, and I love a good discussion about cars, especially the Stangs. I don't track race mine, so if I did I would pick a driver that knows what he's doing to drive it for me to see what she can really do. I know what I can do with it but to see someone really hook her up would be awesome.:D
  9. Understandable, i'm just saying its not fair to quote a ****ty driver like that as a comparison to an 05+ GT because its just a joke. Even at 1600 ft, a 13.68 in a Mach 1 with all of those mods on a tire is extremely sad. A Mach1 on a tire like your car and with the same mods will most likely turn an identical time, maybe a bit better due to the 4v seeing a bit more gain from similar mods over a 3v. This is taking the driver out of the equation of course.
  10. Does anyone remember reading in any of the magazines that stated something like this:

    The new s-197 chassis is still more rigid than a sub-framed, caged notch.

    I bought a new edge for a simple reason... very affordable. I test drove the s197 chassis and while it is superior all around and would have loved to own a new GT, it wasn't in my cards to do so.

    Most of the time I crown vic around in the GT, as I don't feel the need to prove anything. About the only time I drop the pedal is getting on the freeway or needing to get around someone in a quick fashion and to keep the carbon from building up.

    Maybe because I am no longer 21 years of age, I don't see the point of any of this going back and forth nonsense.

    Build the sn95 with PI parts and then find someone who will meet you at the track with a stock s197... there are plenty of people on this board and line em up. Add your stage two cams or whatever else your going to add and line it up.

    I never understood the whole "Will I beat this kinda of car thread?"

    I never seen so much wasted time typing who or what will beat, out perform or cost-less arguments take place.

    Man-up, build the vehicle and put it in the ring. Either you can or you can't beat the new GT but speculating is worthless.

    Who cares who says what, because regardless of what is said, facts are facts and BS walks.