How to make my v6 fast

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  1. ok i dont want to be made fun of here buti want to make my 1995 V6 3.8 mustang automatic faster, im not car smart at all but i have a brother that is a mechanic and he is willing to help me put the parts in thats about it, anyways what can i do to make it fast?
  2. How fast you want it, how much money are you willing to put into it?
  3. i want it to at least have 500 + hourse power
  4. wait. 500+HP car + driver who says he isnt smart. um anyone else see a problem here?
  5. Your brother is a mechanic and you are asking us? :scratch:

    500 HP? You bought the wrong Mustang...take a look at the new shelby.
  6. yeah my bro is a mechanic but he dosent have all the time in the world to help me look which is why im asking you, and 500 + hourse power and a v6 is possible if you have the money ive seen 4 cy cars beat v6 and 8s its all money and i have about 7 grand to do somethin to it so i would like some help.
  7. It's been once that has been documented on the interweb at least. Matt
    Neuharth at Delk has a 95 V6 that has run 9.85. He is making well over 550

    All it takes is time and money, so get ready to spend both. I would get a
    different car if I had 7K to spend in parts. Check out super six motorsports,
    Morana, Delk, and rpm mustangs for V6 go fast parts. With 7K well spent
    there is no reason to not be making 400-450 rwhp.
  8. do a split port swap, get a stage 3 power pak from super six, add an intercooled twin turbo from, bolt up some LT headers and free flowing exhaust, and a good tune and a new rear end (8.8). think about a 5 speed swap, if not, then a new torque converter and a shift kit are a must. have fun. good luck.

    its all together a little more than 7 grand, but you get the idea. you'll also need an upgraded fuel system (pump, injectors, etc) some better brakes to slow it all down would be nice. and some springs for better handling/stance. bigger wheels and tires, lower control arms, and some shocks/struts to put it all to the ground. gears and t-lok so no one wheel peels.

    there will be other little odds and ends that aren't listed, so be sure to add that into your planning. have fun. good luck.
  9. No offense, but if you want a 500HP V6, you need 1.) Money and 2.) gotta know what you are doing in terms of slapping together the correct combo of parts.

    Obtaining 500HP is possible, but building such an engine will take quite a bit of research and knowledge
  10. thats were my brother comes in he know alot about engines he had a 96 stang and he ran 10's. but he dosent have alot of time but just put my parts in. im thinking about getting flowmaster force 2 rxhaust system is that a good one i herd the sound nice?
  11. i also have one other qestion will like 200 mustang parts work on my 95 or no even if its the same 3.8 v6 engine??
  12. depends on the part. if you did the split port swap (changing your intake and heads into the 99+ intake and heads) you would gain 45-50 hp at the crank and the parts your asking about would work
  13. Racer23 What kind of things did your brother have done to his 96 mustang?
  14. theres no way you can get close to 500hp on stock internals. if you want that kind of power you might as well do a swap, but buying a different stang is more econamical than a swap. parts for a V8 will have a better bang for your buck any way. And you would still need to build a V8 from the ground up to support 500hp with no problems.
  15. sell the v6 and use the 7 grand to get a 01 and up GT. BAM!, you're faster.
  16. somehow bump your powerband to 11,936 rpms. You'll only be running 17's, but you'll have 500hp. In other words, I hate that term. It's going to take time, money, brains, research, and good mechanics with plenty of time to spare and willing to help out a lot. Only a few people have reached 500rwhp from the V6, GM AND Ford V6's, but the key is torque curve, gears, and a setup that all matches perfectly. So instead of this arbitrary "horsepower" figure, what times in the quarter mile are you looking at?
  17. i dont know what he had im not car smart i can ask him when he comes back from nebraska, uhm about getting that gt or v8 stang insurence will be a pain,
  18. maybe not 500, but you can get 450 on stock internals
  19. 1994 v6 3.8 liter mustang I NEED POWER AND SPEED

    hi i am also one of those people who dont mean to sound stupid, and have little experience with auto mechanicics, and how to make a car faster. But i was woundering how i would be able to make my 94 3.8 liter V6 mustang faster, with spending as little as possible. My guess is it puts out around 200 horsepower, and i would atleast like to double that. any info would be great if you dont feel like posting a comment back please feel free to email me at [email protected] thank you.
  20. If your '94 is stock, it puts out 140HP.

    Even with minor bolt on's, it's not much more than that.