How to make my v6 fast

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  1. i thought it only put out 140hp but i had someone tell me different any ways is there ne thing that i can do to make it have at least twice as many horses? thnx
  2. Swap in either a 99+ V6 motor or a 4.2L V6 motor and supercharge it
  3. and how much am i looking at speding on that?
  4. A lot.

    If you want more power, gonna have to pay. Plus it's gonna take a little bit of knowledge to do.
  5. umm.... buy a v8?:D and then throw ~$5000-~$10000 into the car if u want any kind of reliability when pushing 500+ hp.............:shrug: hope u realize with that kind of power stock stuff wont hold up. including engine, tranny, suspension, all kinds of stuff u may not think about. u could do the motor, but u better be willing to spend a lot on the rest of the car too.....
  6. this is to much to
    if your planning on 500hp you can forget it, its not going to happen..
    try a closer goal mabye like 300 which is possible..
    theres two ways to do this...
    1. buy a v8 car and supercharge it.. insurance rates is just a lame excuse..
    yoiu still wont see 500hp but will be closer for less money..
    90s v8 mustang 4000.00 +supercharger 3000.00....

    2. turbo the v6 and you might see 300hp with that 7ooo.oo spent..
    that means cash for a race ready v6 not your stocker..and someone has to pull it for free and put it back in..
    i know i know your brother.. but how often do you see each other, it sounds like
    you dont talk much,,not even knowing what he has for a car..
    your the one that said he doesnt have time to look.. when is he going to find time for a couple month project?...
    please dont waste everyones time with you little boy dreams...
  7. Gears and SC.
  8. Getting to 500hp isn't all that hard, you just need to have the correct combo.

    Your '94 puts out 145hp, not 140 so you're 5hp closer hehe

    You need to upgrade the bottom part of your engine; piston, rods...
    So the easiest way is to get a forged bottom end from Delk Performance (they are running a 700hp '95 V6) or SuperSixMotorsport with their 10sec Fox V6.
    To get more power the shortblock should be bigger in cubes so a 4.3L stroker is the way to go. It will hold up to a lot of abuse.
    That way with just putting on the 4.3L shortblock you have more TQ than the V8 (of same year) and you put out like 160ish hp with stock heads and intake.

    Then you need to get better heads, cam and intake. Delk Performance or SSX is failsafe, they know what their doing.
    With just the stock block and Delk Performance heads, intake and cam combo you will put out about 210 at the wheels, about 250hp at the fly (depending on drivetrain loss of course). With a 4.3L you will see a better gain, say 270-290hp at the fly.
    Now you're ready to put a blower on there, you could get a supercharger, if you get ProCharger you should upgrade to a D1 right away, that way it will "only" cost $400 (I've heard), if you wait it wil be MUCH more than that.
    Depending on the pully and tune you will see 400rwhp (that's pretty close to 500hp at the fly.
    Or you can put a turbo kit in there instead from TMA and up the boost so you see 500hp :)

    Of course you can not go out and get the cheap parts when you want to go high hp. So it all depends on the parts combo and the tune. For the tune I would recommend Justin from VMA tuning.

    Other parts you need to get is bigger fuel injectors, bigger fuel pump, 8.8 rear axel with 4.10s or 4.30s (since it's not much of a difference on the MPG), tranny needs to be upgraded, suspention needs to be upgraded, and you need better wheels than the stock to even hook up.
    If you're going with a turbo setup you can get UD pullies to free up a pony or 2, same with the alu. driveshaft.
    And of course the exhaust needs to be upgraded. The stock headers is actually good for 500hp :)
  9. all that for 7000 huh ?? stop waisting your breath..
    we all know its not possible without serious modification as in re- read my last post ....
  10. You can actually make 500rwhp on a stock engine with boost (turbo of course). It's been done and raced with for some time now.
  11. :bs:
    come on now a stock engine will not and i mean will not stay together with
    huge boost.. there is no way a head gasket in a 3.8l could withstand anything more than 5 lbs of boost... seriously do you know how much boost you need to make 500hp?
    let me give you a slight example 306ci, alum heads,and so on running 15lbs
    of boost 450hp.. and blew a hole right into the top of the piston.. if it had the orig
    head gaskets they would have blown out the first day guaranteed..
    so how much boost do you think you need to make 500hp in a stock v6??.
    and how long do you think it would last?
    one more Q. what good is having all that power when none of it gets to the pavement.
    the point was how he should spend the 7000.. does he have enough to basically gut and reinforce the car to handle the 500hp... definately not..
    is he just dreaming ? yes he is..
    ok so you got 350 extra hp bolted to a v6.. lets say you spend another 4000 to make it so the car dont fall apart.. subframe connectors, roll bar, trans, rear end,
    and a **** load of expensive equipment to control boost....but guess what you just started the car with boost for the first time. and you blew the motor from having to much boost on the first what???
    got any more money?.. telling someone you dont know that this is possible is just plain ridiculous...i would feel guilty telling him it would work... knowing what it takes to get there .....
  12. Dude you need to get out more.
    You got to make about 19psi to make it to 500 hp ;)

    Go to VMP's website and ask for Justin, he got a Stock 3.8L making 450rwhp@17psi with a twin turbo setup.

    Just remember one little thing, the V6 might be smaller than the V8, but its tougher than the V8 so it hold up mich better.
    If you read his post he didn't ask for how to make the power stick to the pavement ;)
  13. you are an absolute dumbass... first of all you do not turbo charge anything domestic 2nd with a supercharger on a stock 99+ 3.8 your gonna have 350rwh with nothing but the supercharger and a dual exhaust add a cai or ram air kit, 65mm throttle body, performance chip upgraded headers your at 400+ hp right there. Sorry for lashing out like this but after reading a comment like that made to a v6 driver i had to register and ****.
  14. im the dumbass and you say domestic does not go turbo huh ..
    stupid aint got a clue do **** to me lets have it, tell me what you know,,or go away.. QUESTION #1 what supercharger makes 150 hp being bolted on with no other mods.. QUESTION#2 why does everyone think you can bolt on a charger and go... why dont you explain to me what you need to do to make it run.
    question #3 have you ever had a power adder or do you just read about it..
    show me?
    how much does this so called supercharger have for boost to make 150 more hp?
    question #4 how do you stop it from running lean when into full boost..
    you cant just bolt on a s/c and hope it runs rich as to not backfire and break something internal...tell me what to do and what and how i need to go about it..
    question #5 why not turbo domestic?? to ricey sounding for you..? LOL
    im going on 20 yrs automotive a.s.e. experience, what you got ?
    dont ignore these questions as if you were only going to post here once, i know your waiting for a response, so you got an hour to answer otherwise im going to assume you pulled an article from someone elses experience...
    you got one hour big shot...
  15. i guess i was being conservative with my 450hp with 15 lbs boost. mabye i got more like (does 700 sound cool to you?? ).???
    i got 302-306 w,alum heads and many upgrades too.. and the car makes 458hp..
    get a clue on what it takes to build h.p...
  16. um ford did turbos even with the mustang in the mid 80s turbo 4cyl.. but you are probably to young to remember. i know who the dumbass is..:Zip2:
  17. Twin turbo and LT's ???

    Wrong... it's been done, and it's been running for years.

    Wrong... Several stock longblock turbocharged 3.8's are making 350-400whp.

    Wrong... There are TONS of stock longblock, stock head gasket 3.8's on 10psi+... reliably.

    Well, a guy with a 2000 V6 Mustang just made 520whp/570wtq on 15lbs of boost. He doesn't have an otherwise stock motor, but Justin did, and he made 500hp on 17psi. So, to answer your question... 17 or less, depending on other mods.

    What the heck are you talking about?

    Turbo > Supercharger in general, and especially on 3.8L Mustangs.

    Everyone making huge numbers w/ V6 Mustangs is running turbo's or they are currently switching to turbo because they've realized they can make even more power that way.
  18. Finally one that has been outside this forum.

    Turbo is the way to go, but I know there is people that upgrade their ProCharger P-1SC to the ProCharger F1 to make more hp out of it. They make a lot of hp, more than your 150hp limit and to answer your Q1.

    Q2: You can bolt on a superchager with no other modifications, but you can't get the full effect from it. Boost is boost, and it's all in the tune.

    Q3: N2O is a powewr adder so yes I've had one, but I'm going with a turbo setup after me H/I/C and stroker 4.3L shortblock. The V6 block is stronger than the V8 block just for some off question conversation. :)
    Oh, and I hope you know you can get smaller pullies for the supercharger to make more hp?

    Q4: Bolting on a superchager you will be needing a tune, so the tuner need to tune the car with what's on the car. To manage to get full advatage you need bigger fuel injectors and fuel pump to make sure the engine get enough gas.
    More air = more fuel has to be added.

    Q5: Isn't ment for me since I'm all for putting a turbo on a Mustang. My buddy in TN got over 600rwhp in his '95 V6 (not on a stock engine of course) :nice:
  19. this has gone way off subject,
    listen the point of my questions was to see what kind of answer JDOT would give me when he called me the dumbass.. i never said it was impossible to get 500hp from a v6..go back and check, i know its possible!! but when someone asks how can i get 500hp from my v6.. you cant just slap **** in there and expect it to work, or get 500hp as a result.
    with alot of boost and fuel and electronic upgrades it can be done, but will probably only last the weekend before the pistons fall out of it. and then comes the rest of the drivetrain...the t5 trans has a torque rating of 280...if your not worried about adding the price of a motor and trans to your list,, then go ahead!!
    you can only push so much air into a motor that was designed to flow a specific
    amount, yes i know you can rework the heads, but were not really talking stock either.. o0h thats right we are.. hey what ever floats your boat, if your trying to convince me a stocker with just a power adder can make 500hp reliably.. i say b.s. plain and can tell me about a guy that did it, but your not him so you truly dont know what was done internally(shaving grinding and so on..) for him to get there... if you dont like my answer i dont care, you are your own person and all i can do is give advise whether you agree with it or not.. it wasnt bad advise i gave and thats a fact.. good luck in your proving people wrong..