How to make my v6 fast

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  1. hmmm. he doesnt have an other wise stock motor...EXACTLY MY POINT..
    but justin does...and were you there when justin built his set up? has anyone taken justins motor apart to confirm everything is stock? its all heresay..
    by the way justin probably works at a machine shop where he could have easily taken weight off the crank or even had the engine balanced..which is far from stock...

  2. I totally agree that there's more that will have to be done with the transmission, rear end, etc, to reliably run 500hp, but you did say...


    ...both of which are compeletely and utterly INCORRECT, no matter how you slice it.

    You are competely correct that there's more to a driveable 500hp car than just an engine that makes 500hp, but you should have stopped there, instead of trying to inform everyone on what the Essex V6's can and cannot do, something which you clearly know little about.

    So, it's clear you're just trying to throw out some red herring arguments like "oh, you didn't do it yourself, so you don't know for sure", for instance. No one's buying that crap. There's plenty of proof that you were wrong. So, your plan to throw out some weak red herrings and leave before anyone realizes how wrong you were didn't work.

    Point being, if you're just going to come in here and bash people for building up V6's, don't bother. We'll all be fine without your "help."
  3. Actually, here were your 2 points...

    Both of which are wrong.

    You also asked how much boost it takes to make 500hp. In the case of the first guy, it took just ~15psi to make 520whp... which is MUCH more than 500 crank hp. He could have made 500 crank horsepower with MUCH less boost. So, that was answering your question, which you didn't say required for the engine to be otherwise stock. BUT, because I knew you would try to find a loophole out of your blatantly incorrect assumption, I brought up Justin's stock longblock car. In the case of Justin, he made 450whp+ with 17psi not just on a stock motor, but a stock motor he pulled from a junkyard w/ 75,000 miles on it. BTW, I know Justin personally, and he doesn't work at a machine shop. He owns VMP tuning in Debary, FL, the second largest SCT tuning business in the country. He just knows how to fabricate a good turbo setup, and put an AMAZING tune on it. That's the trick.
  4. My 3.8 actually makes more than that w/ P&P Heads, Delk Cam, and STOCK intakes... so I bet you could definitely see 230whp+ with H/C/I from Delk and maybe some LT's. Throw some gears, a t-loc, and a few other bolt-ons in the mix, and you've got a fun little car.
  5. Matt from Delk Perfomance said I will see at least 210rwhp, but he figured 230+ like your car. I don't like to highball when it comes to gaining hp, so I always go with the lowest numbers I get so I don't get dissapointed :)
    And it's up to how the car is tuned, I will use Justin for sure since he does wonders on our V6's.

    My next project is the 4.2L / 4.3L shortblock, will be fun :flag:
  6. Yeah, I do the same thing. I certainly wasn't expecting to make 220whp with just H/C, CAI, and duals... and I was guessing that I would make more like ~200whp, so 220whp was a pleasant surprise :D.

    And yeah, I wouldn't have my car tuned by anyone else. In fact, I'll probably never have ANY of my cars tuned by anyone else ever again.

    Oh, and good luck w/ the 4.2/4.3. It will definitely be fun :)
  7. i dont think you read the entire thread.. proof i was wrong about what?
    and there was no plan to cover my ass. i truly dont care, but you wont see me run away! and where the hell did i start bashing people about having a v6 in a mustang... i gave straight advise...simple no excuses... in the quotes your pulling from me i said...
  8. i said to myself...o.k. no problem
  9. i laughed plain and simple!
  10. i do... i do .....
  11. yes this is my reply... you want reliability on a 95mustangv6 when i did over 1000head gaskets when ford had the recall for v63.8 up until 2001!! you want 500 hp
    from a 150h.p. car? n your retarded! you want 300hp which is twice as much h.p.
    i said add a turbo... what is a new turbo free? no you got to buy it right?
    are you going to install it without new head gaskets ? no.. so $7000 to obtain
    twice the amount of h.p. did not seem unreasonable to me...
    otherwise buy a v8 car!! go ahead and nitpick it makes no difference to me 5spd..
  12. this was my next post..i dont see a problem here?
  13. seriously.... you can cry about it, or accept it. if your offended.. to bad..truth hurts sometimes..
    i made a point on reliability.. not if it could be done! especially by a handfull of select people who are in it for the sport.. not some highschool kid with an unrealistic dream.. for you or (anyone else) were to give this kid advise on how to make 500hp and still be drivable..then you have watched to many fast and furious movies! or simply waisted your breath.. which is why i made my first comment.. sort of like sh1t or get off the pot.. dont waste anyones time with your dreams...which turned into answering replys made to me stating that it is possible..
    i never said it wasnt possible...!! unrealistic...definately..
    say what you will and i will be back to answer your selected quotes..
    which is what i didnt want in the first place..
    b.t.w. i have nothing but respect for the v6 crowd, you can read all of my previous posts made here.. i think before you open your trapper again you should start will see where im coming from...later..
  14. zzzz what your tired? you dont have to read this thread..but because you did
    just to be nosy.. i will respond with this......tuff shi+ find something else to do...
  15. :Teh-Win:
  16. No wonder you have changed 1000 head gaskets on the '95 V6, it had a racall on the headgasket since the stock gasket sucked ;)
    Hope you know the trick with copper spray to make them last longer, and to use MSL gaskets.

    The 94 - 95 will easily double the hp level with h/c/i swap and slapping a turbo on top of that will easily double that again. So it's not a hard thing to do. BUT, if you want anything to last, even the 5.0L (which split in the middle over 500hp) you need to swap out to better part's. Boost will always find the weak link, and when the weak link is fixed, the new weak link will be found, if you do not build the engine to handle the power.
    The 7.5" rear axle is good for 300rwhp with T-Lok, you can go over, but do not put slicks on it.

    To get this thread a little on topic...
    You will easily gain 40+ hp with just doing a spilt port swap (getting stock heads/intake) from a +'99 V6. I would keep the stock '95 cam since its more agressive and will produce more hp with the split port heads and intake than the stock +'99 cam will. This is a cheap mod to do, and it put you close to or over 200hp.
    Port the heads and intake and get a big cam and you will have almost 300hp on just the engine alone.

    Of course bigger fuel pump and fuel injectors are required. Depending on how much boost you use, a bigger MAF will be required with high boost.

    Hey 2muchtime, when are you gonna quote me or do I talk to much crap? :p

  17. Hmm... you've posted 7 times since my last post, and you still don't have a leg to stand on with regard to your 2 main points.


    In this case, you're talking about POWER PRODUCTION. This has been proven to be completely false. Even if you account for putting better HG's on a 94-95, you've still got PLENTY of money left to swap on ported heads while you're at it and slap on a TMA turbo and make significantly more than 300 crank hp. Seriously, my car makes ~260 crank hp N/A w/ just ported stock heads and a cam. For 7k, you could EASILY do a split port swap and even on the stock split port top end you'll make over 300whp. Point is, power production was one of your main points and you were clearly incorrect.


    Your second main point was RELIABILITY... a point you made again in one of your 7 posts above. Again, you are incorrect. Literally HUNDREDS of 3.8L Mustangs have run more than 5psi and lived to tell about it. Not to mention all the cars that have over DOUBLED your number of 5psi and lasted as well.

    That being said, I totally agree with you with respect to the fact that this will probably never go anywhere and that most people who just pop into a forum and say they want to make 500hp with their stock 150hp V6 Mustang are never going to have more than CAI and new muffler. My point was not to disagree with the likelihood of this happening or to necessarily say that a single port 3.8 is the best platform for making 500hp because it's not. I just want to give the guy the right information so he can make an informed decision, and that's where I took issue with the comments on power production and reliability. Fact is, one can make quite a bit of reliable power with the 3.8... more than most people know or realize... but it still takes work and a good plan, and that's the direction we're trying to people in this position.
  18. Matt runs a single port with +600rwhp ;)
    There are more high powered singleports than split ports :)

    ProCharger only make a 11psi supercharger kit to the 94-98 V6's and they survive it. That's 120% more boost than your maximum of 5psi
  19. Well, is 500+ hp possible with 7k, yes but unfortunatley you will have a great built motor with stock suspension, tranny and rear end. Unless you upgrade those you cannot put the power to the ground.

    I am putting down low 13's wiht my little six and next time at the track it will be 12 sec car.

    Now, i have supporting mods to help get those times, i need 7k to get the motor to push an 11 slip