hsean's project "resto mod"

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  1. could probably use your help with the wire hiding soon :D i should be dropping the motor in a few weeks
  2. Just get in touch. Do you have an expected time of completion yet?
  3. still collecting parts i am working on buttoning up the motor now bought new clutch and pressure plate and i am thinking of getting a high flow water pump.i anticipate driving it this summer as far as getting it done i hope .i still have to get the fuel lines and brake lines and i need to get the t-top seals so that i can get going on the interior.the motor will be in in two weeks funds are low now since i have been waiting 5 weeks to get paid and i am on crutches so i have to do things sitting down.i am still unsure if i want to go with long tubes or shorties my fear right now is the heat from the headers affecting the shock towers.
  4. Awsome build thread. You surely know your way around body and fiberglass work.

    As far as the headers, I'd go shorties. The pain and agony associated with long tubes just isn't worth the couple of extra horses from them.
  5. thanks for the compliment i was pricing the long tubes on 50 resto and they're like 500 bucks ouch!!i am not worried about the extra horsepower but i am willing to pay that much to keep the heat away from the strut towers .
  6. btw i wired the ambient lighting to the doors for the mustang emblems they light up in 6 different colors they are going are going to look great at night. the armrests are going to be different too i started on those today alittle custom work to do alot of fun.
  7. That should be great!
  8. this occupied my time this past winter instead of working on the car

    basement flooded on me and after removing paneling i found this :eek:

    i removed everything and started over
    as you can see this kept me pretty busy now this takes backstage to the mustang
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  9. You built a pool hall? Damn, I thought my ManCave was bad ass with 55" HDTV, Surround Sound, Gaming PC- iRacing Chair / Steering Wheel & Controls, NASCAR fenders hanging on the walls. Pretty slick man.
  10. Pool hall lol I always wanted the ultimate man cave and its getting there the theater room is not pictured but will have 6 loungers with a minimum 72" flat screen .unless I go projection then it will exceed 100".
  11. When's the party!?
  12. lol we just had my 9 year old sons birthday down there and it was pretty cool.the kids all loved it i kept an eye on the pool table since none of them new how to hold a pool stick.your more than welcome to stop by anytime especially if you can shoot some pool always up to the challenge;)
  13. I can hit some balls but I'm not too great. Haven't played in ages. I see you have some billiards trophies so you should have no problem whooping me :rlaugh:
  14. Just in case you don't see the profile post I just made, I found that AC line you need.
  15. ok cool i should probably update this thread but its late i will tomorrow what parts would you be interested in for a trade i know you are always on the hunt for parts to polish or powdercoat?
  16. alittle update i was trying to bumrush this car and get it running for this annual event called the woodward dream cruise here in michigan.this is a really fun event where thousands of cars of all makes and models drive down this street to a lot of spectators.i ran into a little problem i had stainless steel brake lines and fuel lines made up but the fuel line flairs are the wrong size .i friend of mine is supposed to stop by and fix this thing so i can get it running.
    here are some progress pics
    i went shopping some of these things i still have to install like the maximum motorsports full length subframe connectors
  17. some things that i worked on like these asc mclaren armrests that i cut and refinished and will be upholstered in leather like material

    what it will look like on this guinne pig red door panel i used for mock up i have a mint set of black door panels i will be using

    after i upholstered the door subs

    internet explorer keeps freezing up on me i may have to finish posting later tonight
  18. Nice job Sam! Those door panels are killer! You going to be ready for WW? Did you get my text on Sunday? After last years WW, I will not be there this year. Local fair is going on and will be at that.

  19. Man those door panels look badass! I want some! :lol:

    Will you be at Mustang Alley at all on Sat? I'll be hanging out but w/o the car.

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  20. I am actually at the woodward dream cruise now a lot of nice Cars unfortunately my car won't be ready I was hoping to drive it up minus the paint although it is really close to being drivable