I hate the job prospects in this country these days...

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  1. Im not stupid Tom LOL, I completely realize that...but thats the way of the world. the Indians werent here from the dawn of time....powers rise and fall.

    The same will happen to America eventually. You sound as if your for a new power here in america though :shrug: . But I dont want to get into this...its purely opinion and none of it means jack anyways.
  2. I can't speak for other regions of the country but I live in the NE and we are a real melting pot here. I grew up in a integrated community with equal amounts of white/black/hispanic with some asian sprinkled in. The issues with the Illegals is not race at all but ECONOMICS. They cost us alot of money for them to be here. And they don't make $3 an hour here, more like $10-15 depending on what they do. They drive down wages and leach off the systems we pay taxes into and those are facts not speculations.
    Now the Legal Immigrants is another situation that is out of control. We need to put a 1-3 year moratorium of all influx of immigrants into this country...we have kids in our own country who are starving yet we keep feeding the worlds poor so that it makes us look good. These Legal Immigrants are also driving down the wages and sending money back to China/India....Microsoft is one of the largest suppliers of jobs for these people...no wonder you IT guys are having trouble. Bush loves to kiss other countries ass's by offering up our jobs so that they can become more economically stable. I'm gonna stop now before i type too much and have the secret service here tomorrow.
  3. hotmustang and GDawg:
    No apologies necessary. Thats not why I wrote that post. LIke I said, I've respected both of your opinions in the past, and I will continue to do so, you both seem like level headed individuals. I just needed to vent at the time, since alot of the posts really hit home--there were so many coincidences it was kinda freakish. About 10 minutes after I posted--I almost went back and deleted what i wrote--but I said Fkuc it-and left it there. I just hope you guys don't hold your bad experiences against all the brownies out there--I'll be the first to admit--theres some real a-holes out there, especially first generation. But there are also just as many of us that are decent. Same goes for any race and nationality I suppose. Well, enough of this ghey ass hugs and kisses--lets get back to bidness.....

    Gdawg, maybe you SHOULD see if theres anything that can be investigated, even if you DO decide to depart, they're still doing wrong. I can tell you that many that are fresh from India seem to have this idea that Americans aren't as intelligent as them and do look down upon them-which may be exemplified by your experience. On the flip side, they have no iea how to treat people in business environment--courtesy is usually a foreign concept to them.

  4. I'm under contract at this job. The only ones the can start an investigation are the permanent employees, which are the Indians.

    ...rest is deleted cause I don't know how to state some observations without coming across the wrong way
  5. ehhh....go ahead-I know at this point ur comments would not be intentionally offensive or whatever...

  6. Later... it's been a long week with long commutes and my girlfriend must be closing in on her period. I'm tired, I'm going to slam two more beers and hit the hay. I'll be back... (damn, now I'm the governator)
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