I Was Owned By Ls1

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  1. The stock '1998 Trans Am we had put down 307 HP to the wheels. You can do the math... Low 13's in the 1/4 all day.

    That's why the Trans Am's and Camaro's seem so invincible stock. Because they are...
  2. The ls6 intake began in 2000 (I believe that is the correct year) on all v8 ls1's (not just ss or ws6's).

    Ls1's are not invincible...just quick.
  3. 01 and 02 got the LS6 intake as well as a change in Cams as well as no EGR. 98's had larger injectors than the 99-02. 1998-1999 Had stainless steel tubular manifolds. 2000-2002 cast iron manifolds (which flowed better)

    The cam change was made to increase low end torque. The early LS1 cars actually have a slightly more radical cam. Mine peaked torque at 4500 rpm, but always seemed a little soft below 3500. Gear changes to 4.11 or 4.56 remedy this.

    Ram Air on the WS6/SS cars was show more than go. The exhaust make maybe a couple of HP extra on the highway. Some changes where made to the head and block castings during the Fbody production run.

    SLP options could be had for exhaust and air lid, As well as all the suspension and apperance options.

    For most people mild bolt ons are enough to satisfy the HP bug, but only add a few HP, even headers on a stock motor are only worth a few HP. Heavy mods to an LS1 are usually costly, but to bring large results

    Most people do not know but the 2000-2002 SS cars had a softer suspension than the 99 and earlier cars. The older SS models had the 1LE suspension minus the Koni DA's. 00 and up only recieved the front sway bar upgrade but the spring rates remained the same as the Z28. Older 1LE cars had the 21mm sway bar but it was determined that it was over kill and the std 19mm was on all F-body V8's after mid 90's.

    The stiffer suspension and 17" wheels do not help the SS/WS6 in the drag race dept. The best one is a stripped std Z28.

    Best bang for the buck right now is an 03 or 04 Cobra, with bolt ons mid 400's, Good transmission and strong rear. They only issue I see is weight.

    In the end they are all as fast as you want to spend.
  4. Just as a side note. If you want to compare ultamite hp potential of the two(302 vs. 345ls1) per cubic inch I think you'll find that the win will go to the SBF.
    An engine being in essence an air pump, cylinder head flow numbers (AFR for instance) show the selection for SBF out flow the ls1. Although there are more variables in building an engine, this is a good indicator that, say a 331 SBF may in fact be able to out power LS1 in a utimate hp shoot out.
    So never say that the LS1 is invincible, just a very well engineered production engine. :)
  5. What gears are in the 6speed f-bodies? I am going to be using a close ratio t56 and I think the 2.66 first with 3.73 rear may be a b**ch out of the hole.
  6. Nice post Matt (your in the "scene" more than I am). Although I disagree about the headers not adding much on a stock ls1. Longtubes add a definite SOTP on those cars. More so than on these cars. A cam doesn't cost much (just timely to do so). You can get an ls1 for 8-9k (98 1LE Z28) and make that sucker pretty dang quick and pretty cheaply with the money that you could spend on it. Just have a tuner accessible.

    An ls1 is a 346 cu. inch engine. They tick off 30mpg if need be on the interstate. Nice:nice: You don't see 347's (stangs) doing that. It must be that extra 1 cubic inch that drops the mpg down 10-15mpg...;)
  7. The headers alone soften the bottom end. With gears and induction helping the headers But by the time one gets into all that you have 1500-2000 at least wrapped into it.

    High/Mid 12's Depending on driver
    150 Lid
    350-400 Catback
    1000-1500 Headers and Mid pipe with cats.
    Gears 500
    Tuning or tuner for gear recal 300.00
    Drag Radials 350.00

    Or add giggle gas for 550.00 and pull over 400 at the wheels

    Look at the first gear ratios, camaro/mustang have the same height tires.

    Gear Multipier (1st)
    T56 (2.66) and 4.11 = 10.932
    T56 (2.66) and 3.73 = 9.9218
    T56 (2.66) and 3.42 = 9.097 (stock LS1)
    T5/TKO (3.27) and 3.73 = 12.197
    T5/TKO (3.27) and 4.11 = 13.407
    T5/TKO (3.27) and 3.55 = 11.60
    T5/TKO (3.27) and 3.23 = 10.56
    T5/TKO (3.27) and 3.08 = 10.07 (stock perf 5.0)
    T5/TKO (3.27) and 2.73 = 8.92 (stock std 5.0)

    No wonder the GM cars get good mileage. Keep a V8 under 2k RPM and the mileage goes way up. Fbody will cruise 70mph at 1500 rpm in 6th. Swap the stang to the same ratio T56 and the same thing will happen. AND you will get close ratios between 1st-4th.

    They used the 2.66 first on the 6spd. All came std with the 3.42 torsen unit.
    Automatics had 2.73 or 3.23. The first OD (5th)is .75 and the 2nd (6th) is .50 Basically its an old 4spd with 2 extra gears (T10,Super T10)
    To be honest 4.10 or 4.56 are the way to go.

    True, They are no longer pricey like they where. They can be had clean for 9-10k. (Z28/Formula) SS/WS6 recieve a premium. Not much more than a very clean Fox Notch or SN 94-95 Cobra.

    I like the 5.0 cars for the Old School appeal, I like being able to time with my distributer, It has the greatest sound (like the LT1). Has a reasonable open engine bay (still tight for Long Tubes)

    I have ALOT on money is my 5.0. far more than I payed for my Z brand new.
    But its fast and unique and I BUILT IT. I bought it to hot rod. I have had alot of cars and to be honest it has been one of my favorites. To do any car RIGHT is expensive.

    I wish Chrysler had a car with a manual trans, I would have one of those too experimenting with it. Chrysler abondened the pony car market 30 years ago and shifted to FWD/AWD. Viper is a diff class and the Magnums/Chargers are also.

    I wish I could drive my car to its limits, but I am just not the BEST driver. I have never been able to get the damn things to hook...any car really, but oh well. I was trapping over 115mph but cound never get a good ET. Car had the power I didn't have the skill with it.

    Oh well. Enjoy your car anyway you choose.
  8. My buddy's 100% stock 2002 Firehawk put down 319rwhp and 338rwtq. Like i've stated before my brothers 2001 T/A put down 326rwhp and 340rwtq with a slp loudmouth catback and a lid....those cars do put down over 300rwhp stock and some do it with ease.

    Compare a 347ci Ford motor with AFR heads, custom cam, and any intake to a 346ci LS1 motor with AFR's, off the shelf cam, and the stock LS6 intake and they still are no comparison. With both cars running on pump gas...the LS1 will put down over 420rwhp where the 347 Ford will be in the 350-375rwhp range.