Is anyone else sick of this...

Discussion in '2005 - 2014 Specific V6 Tech' started by herooftheday97, Jun 21, 2005.

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  1. :flag: :hail2: What he said!!!

    yeah um well then I would still only have ONE car and my wife wouldnt have anything to drive etc.... :nice:
  2. Interesting thread...

    If I don't tell uninitiated people that LBS is a V6, they genuinely can't tell until I open the hood.

    I like my car. I like the V8s too. I just prefer the V6 for me, personally.
  3. the guy who said that this person should get a v8 is driving a 96 SS...
  4. damn that avatar of yours!!! hella-hot!!! :hail2:
  5. i give up, it seems that nothing we say or do can get any respect on this forum from the gt owners. Im with Zodiac, until someone starts paying for my car note, gas, mods, insurance, school, and what ever else i may need no on can say what i should or should not get unless i ask for opinions. All this crap on these mustang forums makes me wonder why i even get on them. At least you barely get any of this crap on the import forums. :mad: :bang: :fuss: :damnit:
  6. Personally I think the whole GT versus V-6 thing is stupid. A part of it stems from that "Dukes of Hazzard" mindset where faster is always better.

    In this day and age the only place where faster is better is on the track. On the highways however the top end speed of the GT also gets you more visibility with PD and a chance to receive your own matching set of chromed interlocking bracelets, a trip in the back seat of a police car, and some quality time in Jail. :eek:
  7. you are absolutly correct, when I had my 02 Altima, I used to be on an Altima forum. There was not any arguements between the 2.5(4cyl)and the 3.5(6cyl)owners.I havent figured out why there is between Mustang owners.
    I like all Mustangs, hell my first one was the 2.3liter Turbo..
    At the same time though I have met plenty of hella-great GT owners(Dave over at TMS, Tony,Shannon,Dan among others at and countless others)who dont have the "GTs are the only way to have a Mustang"
    oh well...
  8. kevin, thats why i like ,no arguing, no bashing, just mustang lovers supporting one another regardless if ur car is a gt or v6.
  9. It certainly is. But is it any different from Mustang v Fbody.

    or Z28 v Trans Am

    Or Domestic v import

    or Pony car v expensive sports or super cars.

    Can't it ever be just people enjoying a whole range of cars regardless.
  10. Rule of the road. No matter how bad or fast you think your car is, someone out there has something faster, quicker, better handing, etc.
  11. My friend... we can only hope this will happen some day. Sadly I doubt it'll be in my lifetime but ya never know...
  12. you guys really are putting too much thought into this. if someone doesn't like what you do screw em; it isn't their car.

    it wouldn't make sense to anyone other than an idiot. idiot. however, if you have the E-balls to do what you say feel free to drop by and inform us as to why our lightweight rear wheel drive genuinely cool cars were wasted money.

    tell em mak sent you ;)
  13. It's called sarcasm you moron. You're the one who came in here telling us what we should buy and how we should mod them, not the other way around. You still don't get it and I guess you never will.
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